12 Best Online Money Making Ways

12 best online money making ways

With a huge number of different online money making ways, it is very difficult to find out the right one.

There is an infinite number of ways and sites that claim to make you earn money. But the experiences show that most of them are not legitimate or effective for everyone to generate money.

In this article “12 Best Online Money Making Ways”, I am putting together the best online money making ways. These ways have worked for me and for a huge number of people.

So let’s start with all the online money making ways one by one in detail.

Best Online Money Making Ways

online money making ways

  1. Blogging

Most of you have heard or read about blogging as the most popular online money-making way. And this is true of course. A lot of bloggers are earning huge money online with blogging.

Although, this is not that easy but not that difficult as well.

If you want to earn money with blogging, first you need to create a blog.

This is a very simple process and you can create your own blog yourself.

First, you need to select your niche. Niche is the topic or area where you are good at. You should be able to share some knowledge on that particular niche.

The second step is to select a relevant domain name that must be relevant to your niche.

The third step is to get the right hosting, which is the most important thing for a blog. You must understand all the required information before buying any hosting. This is the only investment that is required to start a blog. Surely this will be going to pay manifold in the future because this is an asset. The investment made in domain and hosting is like seed and the flowers are going to blossom soon.

The fourth step is to set up your blog, which is also very easy to do.

The fifth step, once your blog is ready you have to write some good blog posts with SEO. Keep promoting the blogs on as many platforms as you can.

Now your blog starts getting good traffic you will be able to make money with the help of Google Ad-sense.

Income is not a limit but you have to put a lot of effort into creating fresh and appealing content and promoting them to attract good traffic.

You can easily “Learn to make a website in 4 Easy Steps” here.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is very popular as an online money-making way. It is becoming more and more popular with internet penetration at a very rapid rate throughout the globe.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you can be an affiliate with so many companies at the same time and promote products to earn commission in every sale.

One can earn a decent amount of money as an affiliate commission by promoting different brands or products. You have enormous options from retail products to software, apps, services, and so on.

To earn a good commission via affiliate marketing, you must create content. You can circulate your content on social media, blog websites, emails, etc.

But the best way is to provide value via your blog posts. Since the blog posts will be the asset and can be referred later at any time.

With content marketing, you must provide genuine value to the visitors of your blog. Once you are able to gain their trust some of them will definitely buy the products or services which you will recommend them.

And on every purchase made by customers, you will earn the affiliate commission.

Some most popular affiliate networks are Amazon, ShareASale, Clickbank, etc.

You would love to read How to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing: Complete Beginners Guide

  1. Online Courses

sell online courses to make money online

Online courses are in very much demand. They are equally useful for both the instructor and students.

The instructor can once record the course and keep selling them to as many students. They don’t need any physical setup, infrastructure cost as needed in physical or offline training or courses.

The students are at the benefit as the online courses are cheaper than offline courses.

Students can learn at their own pace and at the comfort of their homes. They can re-watch the lessons as many times as they want.

Everyone is good at some skill or subject. If you are good at teaching some subjects or skill you can teach online.

There are various online teaching platforms available like Teachable, Thinkific, Udemy, etc.

I personally recommend Thinkific, here you can upload your course content in the form of prerecorded videos and PDF files. Other things like manage customers and payment can be managed by the platform against some fees.

We also have a Digital Marketing Specialist Program on Thinkific platform and Blogging & Affiliate Mastery in 2020 [ HINDI ] on Udemy.

  1. Online Advertising Services

Now every business selling products or providing services are adopting online advertising to promote products and services.

Not only businesses but schools, coaching institutes, colleges, individuals all are adopting paid advertisements to generate instant leads and sales.

Online advertising proved more effective and economical than traditional advertising.

But right ad targeting, set up and related things required expertise and skills. If you acquire or ready to acquire those relevant skills you can work as an online advertising service provider or consultant.

There are many advertising platforms like social media advertising especially on Facebook and Instagram, Google advertising, Bing advertising, etc. You can learn all or anyone, this will open a lot of earning opportunities for you.

This skill is really a very promising one and makes you earn good online money. This is also a kind of recurring kind of work, usually, a customer who is happy with your services will always approach you when he needs your services.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel

People enjoy videos more than the written content so videos are in demand very much.

Video content creators are always in demand. There are so many YouTubers who are making millions of dollars out of the YouTube Channel.

Anyone who wants to share his/her content on YouTube can start a YouTube channel.

There can be any niche like cooking, education, DIY, entertainment, makeup tutorials, etc. on which YouTube channel can be created.

But you must really be sharing some unique and fresh content which add value to people’s life. This is the only criteria that people would love to watch your videos.

Once you meet the YouTube criteria to be eligible for monetization you can start monetization on your channel.

Monetization is one way to earn with a YouTube channel. But there are several other ways like sponsorship, affiliate marketing, etc. which you can do with your YouTube channel and start earning much before you monetize your YouTube channel.

  1. Create and Sell E-books

Some of you may be good at writing and must possess some skills or knowledge which you can convert into an e-book. The E-books are very much in demand these days. People prefer to buy e-books as they can be accessible on mobiles and laptops.

There is no need to approach different publishers to get your book published. In this self-publishing revolution, anyone can publish their own books.

Always keep in mind that there is always a high competition as there a low entry barrier.

But with some tips you can improve your success as a self-published author:

  • Research your niche carefully. You must ensure that your book must be on the topic which should not be too competitive but it still has a decent audience.
  • Put your best possible efforts to write a good book, if possible you can hire a professional editor.
  • You must also invest in good quality book cover and description. These are the two main points which can attract more attention.
  • Once your book is published you must give proper attention to the promotion of the book.

So write the best book, build an email list of your ideal readers. You can add value to them by your content on a regular basis via email marketing. These will be your loyal customers and chances are that they will buy their next e-books as well.

The more you will learn and implement the process, you will earn more money online.

Sqribble is a very good e-Book creator which I use to create all my e-books.

  1. Content Writing

content writing to make money online

Every organization whether business, startup, educational institutes, bloggers, etc. all need good content for marketing. Not everyone has the time or skills to write good content. So there is and will always be need of good content writers.

Of course, you must be good at writing content. Even if you are not but you have some interest you can improve these skills with practice and by taking some courses.

With some experience, you can be in the list of good content writers that are needed by companies.

So you can work as a full-time content writer or work as a part-time option to earn decent online money.

There is a nice article  “Content Writing Tips for Creating Unique Content: Complete Beginners Guide” which you should read to learn more.

  1. Consulting

One of the best ways to make money online is consulting. If you gain some expertise in any field and people want your advice you can charge for your consultation.

It is not like that only big companies want a consultation, there are so many small organizations, individuals who want a consultation.

There can unlimited topics on which people want consultation like lead generation, online marketing, business growth, career counseling, psychological counseling, etc. You will be surprised to see that you will be paid so well once you gain a name in a particular field.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the easiest way to make money online. One can do freelancing with the regular 9-5 job.

You can do freelancing work at a convenient time. Also, you can undertake as many projects that you can finish on time. Here you are your own boss and can earn money online out of your spare time. For example, you are good at graphic designing, writing, web designing, teaching, etc. you can work as a freelancer in that specialized field.

To generate good money with freelancing you must build your strong portfolio by offering your services as free initially to get the reviews and feedback. Once you gain a strong portfolio, you can start reaching out to potential big clients to earn more money online.

There is a huge list of platforms for freelancers where you can register yourself and start getting work like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc.

  1. Website Designing and Maintenance

A website is very necessary for any business or organization to make its web presence. Website designing is emerging as a very demanding field where you can earn online money.

To be a website designer you need to learn how to code. But with so many CMS portal coming up these days like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, etc. you can learn website designing without knowing any coding or programming and start giving related services.

If you become specialized in designing websites with CMS portals you can get a good amount of work, provided you are delivering the desired results within the timeline.

As you start getting small assignments you must do it with full dedication and if possible initially charge a low rate as compared to the market.

This way you will be able to grab work, gain confidence, and based on your work the mouth publicity from the existing customers. This will get you more work gradually.

We have a complete video series on which you can watch on “How to set up a WordPress blog in 5 easy steps”.

  1. Graphic Designing

Gone were the days, when to become a good graphic designer you need to learn some complicated and expensive software like coral draw, adobe, etc.

Now there are several other software and applications which allow you to make beautiful graphics. Graphics are very much needed by bloggers, companies, YouTubers, Social Media Marketing Experts, and so many others.

Since not all have a good graphic designing sense and interest they all look for good graphic designers. If you are good at designing graphics and at a reasonable cost you will be demand and can earn good online money.

There are so many tools like Canva, Picmonkey, etc. But I personally use and recommend Canva, since it is free and its premium version has so many advanced features. You can register here for a FREE CANVA account.

  1. Video Editing

Everyone enjoys watching videos. Videos are available on each and every topic like cooking, education, comedy, DIY, advertisement, promotion, and advertisement, and whatnot. So who is behind videos. Obviously first videos are recorded than comes the major part which is editing.

Video editing is a very promising field and you can work at your own pace. Once people are satisfied with your work they will offer you more work. There is free software like Activepresenter which is used to edit videos. Gradually you will be able to make handsome online money with this way of video editing.

Final Words

By now you understand really effective online money making ways.

These ways can be applied whether you want to earn some extra money or start a new career.

Don’t be overwhelmed with these ways but instead introspect and ask yourself what you would enjoy doing?

Consider your current skills and see how you can apply them to one of the opportunities on this list.

Remember, just like any way of earning money, it might not happen overnight. You must be sincere, dedicated, and persistent to get there.

Even if you are confused please watch our FREE MASTERCLASS on 12 ways to earn passive income.

Also to mention that we have a Digital Marketing Specialised Program which covers all mentioned skills and you can learn them easily online.

I hope you like the post and would like you to share it with your friends.

Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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