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Social Media has More Number of Viewers than TV

As Social Media has more number of viewers or traffic then all other platforms so it’s a best place to advertise. With our social media advertising services we will make your products and services more visible on various social media platforms.

social media advertising

Why we need Social Media Advertising ?

Easy and cheap availability of internet and smartphones has made social media accessible to everyone.

We have more number of viewers of social media than combined with Television and other traditional advertising media.

So it become a best place to advertise your product or service.

When we advertise using traditional methods may it be print media or television we cannot determine whether our advertisement is reaching the correct audience but on social media we can easily reach to our target audience thus getting better results.

Social media advertising is most cost effective way to advertise your product or service.

InfoTalks’s Social media marketing and advertisement services help you generate immediate results on social media.

With our specialized social media advertising services, you will be able to connect your products and services to thousands of people who may be actually interested in them.

We will recommend the most suitable social media platform for your product or service.

Our Social Media Marketing and Advertisement Services can help you:

1.  Get fast results with Social Media Advertising.

2.  Spend your advertising budget wisely.

Check the Social Media Platforms on which you can run advertisements.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the most economical and effective way to grow business online. Facebook advertising has immense opportunity for businesses of all sizes to reach their targeted audience and sell them directly.


Our Facebook Advertising Services can help you:

1.  Drive instant and more traffic immediately.


2.  Optimize Facebook ads for more leads and sales i.e. more conversions.

Instagram is the most popular photo-centric platform and used on mobile phones all over the world. It has more than 800+ million users and hence having a huge traffic that can be converted into customers.

With the help of Instagram advertising services you can drive traffic that leads to sales for your business.

Our Instagram Advertising Services can help you:

1.  Increase clicks and conversions from Instagram Ads.

2.  Boost overall awareness of your brand.

Linkedin Advertising

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn is one of the most effective way to reach decision makers and professionals. People trust so much on LinkedIn since it is a professional network platform.


LinkedIn advertising is the best way to gain awareness, website traffic, increase conversions and brand awareness.


Our LinkedIn Advertising Services can help you:


1.  Drive Website web traffic.

2.  Generate more leads.

3.  Build overall brand awareness and reach.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is a combination of social media and search engine. It is a great medium to attract traffic with the help of attractive pins (images). Here mostly the users are women and few segments like fashion, cooking, DIY etc. work super amazing.


Pinterest advertising is the most effective way to attract huge traffic and more conversions.


Our Pinterest Advertising Services can help you:


1.  More pins save and repins.

2.  Drive traffic from Pinterest Ads.

3.  Increasing Conversions from Pinterest Ads.

Linkedin Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Twitter marketing is used to build relationships with individuals, celebrities and targeted audience.

Twitter advertising is gaining importance. It has reach and capability to attract customers all over the world.

Our Twitter Advertising Services can help you:

1.  Boost website traffic.

2.  Cater to targeted audience and increase engagement.

3.  Build awareness and drive sales