Content Writing Tips for Creating Unique Content: Complete Beginners Guide

Content Writing Tips to creating unique content: Complete Beginners Guide

In this article, I am going to share practical “Content Writing Tips for Creating Unique content: Complete Beginners Guide”. I struggled a lot when I began content writing and will be sharing some easy steps, to begin with, content writing.

You can get the benefit from my content writing tips which have been derived over years of experience and trials. Using these tips you can easily learn how to write good content.

So, let’s begin this journey as it is an extract of years of research work.

Before that lets us know some more details about content writing & the opportunities associated with content writing.

What is the Importance of Content writing?

Before I share my experiences and tips, I would like to share the importance of content writing.

Content is being written for ages but currently, I am talking about content writing on the web.

Content writing services started in 1990 due to an exponential rise in online activities. It aims to provide “speech” to a website. It summarizes the website and explains what the website is offering.

Businesses started creating websites to represent their business and enabling visitors to obtain relevant information and engage with their favorite brands.

In 21st-century content, writing has spread to multiple categories in addition to its utilization to commercial descriptive purposes, individuals have taken up writing as a means to communicate with their audience on the web.

Content writing is a career with endless opportunities and challenges. Content writers have always been in demand. But with the growth of the digital marketing industry, it has become one of the highly paid professions. No specialized degree or qualification is needed for this career opportunity.

Main Categories of Content Writing Services 

  • Article

An article is a descriptive piece of text to enlighten users on a particular topic used by companies and organizations. It can be highly informative and detailed in nature.

  • Blog

It is a personal journal like you are reading currently that is mostly maintained by an individual with an aim to share knowledge & experience. The content of the blog can include text, video, images, Gifs, etc. Readers interact with the writer of the blog through comments.

  • Press Release

A brief news story from an organization’s outlining recent facts, sales figures, profit margins, new services, product releases, etc. as provided by the concerned officials.

  • Web Content

A descriptive & interactive content present on the web pages of every website which highlights the product, services or amenities provided by the venture possessing the website.

  • SEO Content

A content that is optimized for the Search Engine like Google so that it can appear on the search results of some particular query of a visitor.

  • Research and Report Writing

This type of content is related to some research work or project work.

  • Copywriting

Copywriting is an art of rearranging words to make things sell better, this type of content is written for the purpose of advertising. It aims to increase brand awareness and persuade people to take a particular action.

  • Social Media Content

This type of content is published on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Such content has to be attention-grabbing, mostly it consists of infographics or videos. It is used for Social Media Marketing.

  • Business Writing

This includes sales proposals, project presentations, official letters, and emails or any type of written content that is used between B2B or B2C communication.

  • Landing Page

These are pages that are used for lead generation. It is a part of implementing digital marketing for your product or service.

When we run ads on social media or search engines like Google, Bing landing page plays a very important role by showing the visitor the benefit of the Advertisement and thus converting them to sales or lead generation.

  • Direct Marketing Copy

These are pieces of content that speak directly to the audience, this includes, newsletters, emails, and marketing funnels.

Before we dive into details and Tips of Content Writing let us understand the types of content.

Types of Content

We can define content in 4 major types :

  •  Textual content 

Content written in words using any language is text content and it forms an integral part of any other type of content.

  •  Infographics

Infographics is an image representation of content that contains text elements. We understand images quickly than text, our brain processes images much faster than text.

Refer to this post to create beautiful graphics with free tool Canva.

  • Video

Content in the form of Video recording or animation is very understandable by all. Videos are becoming an easy way to communicate and express.

  • Podcast

Voice files i.e. voice recordings are called a podcast which is made available using a digital medium i.e. internet.

Don’t get overwhelmed with these types of content and how to create these without having knowledge of creating them.

You can have lot of digital signage content creation tools which will help you create attractive content in minutes.

How to Write Good Content Without Having Prior Writing Skills?

When I started writing content, I did not have tools to help me write good content. Content which is grammatically correct and conveys the desired piece of information in an easy manner.

I used to read articles in newspapers, magazines to learn the art of content writing, most of the times I felt scarce of words. It took me 2-3 years of practice to start writing content on my own which was perfect for my audience.

But now there are a lot of tools to help you in writing good quality content.

I will share all the tools with you which I have explored, before that I will share the method using which you can start writing content easily.

Steps to follow to write content

When you need to write content on some topic follow these steps:

  1. Search for the topic on Google.
  2. Open the websites which appear on the first 5 searches in Google.
  3. Go through the topics covered in the content and list down the one which is close to the content which you want to write, at least 2-3 articles.
  4. Now start reading the articles one by one and make a copy of the topics and the content in a separate document file. This way you will extract the unique content of all the top-ranking articles on Google.
  5. Now start re-writing the topics by changing the words or rearranging them so that it does not change its meaning.
  6. Arrange the content in a sequence with Introduction, in the beginning, then content details, conclusion and finally a call to action.

Using this technique you can create a unique and comprehensive content which is easy to rank because when a reader finds all which he is searching in one article then would not search for another one and can revisit for referring it again, can share with his friends which will make it rank on Google or any other search engine.

You must be thinking that what is the use of tools in the above technique, I have told you the technique which I have devised from my practical experience, but don’t worry I will tell you about the tools which will help you generate unique content even without following the above steps.

Content Writing Tips

Further, content Writing Tips for creating unique content are:

  1. Copy the content in a document file as described above and arrange it in a sequence.
  2. Use an article spinning tool that I will be sharing below to re-write the sentences without changing the meaning.
  3. Use a tool to find grammatical mistakes and correct them.

This way you can create content even if you are hesitant in re-writing content which is obvious for beginners. As you keep on reading more and creating content you will find it easy to write content on your own without the need for any re-writing tool.

Now I will tell you about the tools which I have tried myself, I will share the links of Video tutorial using which you can master the tool of your interest within a few minutes.

1. Grammar correction tool

Grammarly is a perfect tool that can be used to make grammatical corrections in the content which can be an article, email, letter, blog or any type of content. It supports only the English language. It has a free as well as a premium paid version, but its free version has enough features for your help.

2. Word AI Article Spinner

This is an article spinner tool where you have to provide the content which it will spin into different versions of the content without changing its meaning.

This is a premium tool but using this link you can use its full version for FREE for 3 days, after that you can subscribe to its paid version according to your need. You can refer to this video tutorial which will help you learn this tool.

3. Article Spinning Plugin for WordPress

This article spinning plugin installs in WordPress and can spin the content like Word AI. This plugin is available for $27 but, I am giving it for FREE as a giveaway which you can get by completing the steps given in this link.

You can refer to this video tutorial to learn to use this plugin.

4. Generate content from Print media

I have shared a technique using which you can generate content from print media like books, newspapers, magazines, image files, pdf files, etc.. You can generate content in any language.

There are 2 separate videos one stating how to generate content in English and others for generating content in Hindi or any other language.

Here you can get a complete playlist of 16 videos on the YouTube channel where you can create infographics, video and textual content using different techniques. I will keep on adding new techniques to this playlist.

5. Generate attention-grabbing titles

The title plays the most important role in attracting a visitor from the search engine to the article. When you search on Google you click the link with the most appealing title.

So create a title that catches attention and persuades the visitor to click the link and read your content.  You can use this tool to get title generation ideas 

I have shared many other ways and tools in my YouTube video playlist for generating attractive titles.

6. Write content on what people are searching for

For content ideas, you can refer to ( a website where people ask questions and others provide answers)  and ( a website that gives content ideas ).

7. Create fancy videos to draw attention

If you need attractive videos for your content, FlexClip video editor will be a handy tool to make fancy videos with ease. FlexClip 5.0 just released 3 cutting-edge AI functions, which are set to revolutionize the video creation process. The AI Video Script, Text-to-Video, and AI Image Generator will immensely benefit content creators.


The aim of this article “Content Writing Tips for Creating Unique content: Complete Beginners Guide” is to help beginners in content writing.

I hope the techniques shared along with the tools and video tutorials will help a beginner to start writing content and become an expert in content writing.

Feel free to share your feedback or comment below.

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