We all know that learning is a continuous process and it would be very nice if we can share those learnings. This will help us grow together.

Our youth has so much potential and has the power to change the world. But they need proper guidance and the right direction. This is the age and time when youths are most likely to follow the wrong path.

This blog came into existence with an intention to make our youths learn, share and grow. This is an information blog for everyone especially the youth and ambitious people who want to keep themselves updated in the field of Digital marketing, latest technology, finance, start-ups, and youth-related topics.

All these categories mainly help in the career growth of youngsters and ambitious people which subsequently will give them a wonderful and happy life.

If you want to share something which can add value to others, please email us at infotalks.in@gmail.com.

About Authors

Gaurav Agrawal

I am Gaurav, a technophile. I always feel happy while teaching and sharing information. I am most interested in Technology and Digital Marketing. Lately, I have developed an inclination towards life skills, the art of living and spirituality since I started meditation and practicing the law of attraction.

This world is full of information and knowledge, and the whole life is too short to know all. But at least we can try to learn and share as much information we can.

My intent is very clear through InfoTalks that I want to guide, inspire and motivate our youths, students and every learner to make the right choices for a better and wonderful life.

Priti Agrawal

I have created this blog with my wife Priti, she is the one who made me take action and start this blog. She has always been an avid reader and has an interest in areas like Art of Living, Law of attraction, career transformation, and life skills.

We together are working for this blog with a vision to add some value to all those who really want to make a beautiful and wonderful life.