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InfoTalks provides a trusted online growth and learning ecosystem for startups, entrepreneurs, students or anyone looking to learn digital marketing. We are one of the best digital marketing consultancy and agency in India.


We are pleased to help people at all stages of their online marketing journey to make progress and grow in life. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or looking to build passive income source, we are here for you.

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Know About InfoTalks

Helping You Grow Through Online Marketing

InfoTalks is emerging as one of the best digital marketing consultancy and agency in India. 


InfoTalks also gained its name in the field with their best training programs and online courses on Digital Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Video Mastery, Landing Page Building etc.


At InfoTalks we have made our mission to transform students, professionals, organizations and every knowledge seeker to get a better job,  improved career, more business, and increased sales with our best in the industry online courses, eBooks, blog and digital marketing services.




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Meet Gaurav Agrawal - Who Started InfoTalks

Gaurav is an entrepreneur, blogger, consultant, and trainer. He is a certified Digital Marketing Expert. He is a technophile with a great passion to guide and mentor people by sharing his learning and experience which he has gained over a period of 17 years since he started his career.


Soon after finishing his Software Engineering he started his own Software Company and developed many software products, undertook overseas projects, and Government Automation projects.


In the year 2017, he started one of his dream startups named “Vanijya” which is a DIPP recognized (under Government of India Start-up initiative) to empower Startups, MSME’s, and Schools.


While working for these projects he recognized the strong need and importance of Digital Marketing to promote business and increase sales. He tried and tested several digital marketing strategies in his own ventures and clients’ projects.


In this due course, he felt the strong passion to spread awareness about Digital Marketing in INDIA and started the initiative InfoTalks at the beginning of the year 2019.


Keeping this in mind he started a YouTube Channel by the name InfoTalks where he creates tutorial videos mostly related to digital marketing and online earning. He is also aiming to add videos related to the latest technology in the coming future. He loves blogging and here in this website’s blog section he also writes useful blogs on related topics.


Gaurav is also an IT and digital marketing consultant to several clients especially Startups, MSMEs, Training Institutes and Schools along with his Software Startups.


In all, Gaurav has a total development, consulting, training and marketing experience of more than 17 years, with skill sets that include entrepreneurship, leadership, creative direction, technology, online marketing, and brand consultancy.


Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

We are serving others with passion and proud to be a purpose-driven company. A clear cut mission, vision, and set of core values are necessary for every company that is actually devoted to a great cause.


We are happy to share our mission, vision and core values here as a promise to you of our assurance that our work is up to these high standards.


1. To deliver on a regular basis practical Digital Marketing Solutions with a noticeable impact on your bottom line and ensure outstanding returns – month after month and year after year.

2. To share the most relevant knowledge in the field of digital marketing and online money making that empowers individuals to create an impact in the industry.


1. To become result oriented digital marketing consultancy and agency offering the most affordable digital marketing services by setting up new standards of professionalism and success.


2. To be a top rated industry-driven digital marketing training company that grooms future leaders who help brands, startups and individuals to grow via digital medium in an effective and efficient manner.

Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs that help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling goals. These values educate clients and potential customers about what the company is about and clarify the identity of the company.

Service Delivery

Our main aim is to serve our customers. We work hard to earn their trust by focusing on their needs and delivering remarkable service.

Team Work

We believe in team work and take care for all our stakeholders. We understand that we can bring our best when we support each other and work as a team.


Integrity and Ethics

The two values of integrity and ethics translate into doing the right thing, in an honest, responsible and fair way. A right conduct can create a strong and trusted reputation of the company in the market.


It is always the best thing when employees are dedicated and willing to go extra mile. We have cultivated an environment in our organisation that promotes a culture where our employees have that inner drive to give the best.

Share Knowledge

We are proud to share each and every valuable knowledge and experiences to our students and audience. This enable true learning that promotes our values without compromise.

Work With Purpose

Whatever we do is always with a purpose. We focus on the desired outcome by reducing wastage of resources be it money, time or things.