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how to change the permalink in wordpress without effecting SEO

How to Change the Permalink in WordPress Without Effecting SEO? ‘Permalink’ as the name indicates is a link that is permanent in nature. It is not a good idea to change it.But you might have some valid reasons to change

What is a Permalink? Complete Guide on how to make SEO-Friendly Permalink

What is a Permalink? Complete Guide on how to make SEO-Friendly Permalink As a new blogger, you must have a question “what is a permalink?”. In this blog post I am going to explain about: • What is a permalink?•

Free Blog or Paid Blog? Which one is better to earn an income?

Free Blog or Paid Blog In modern times, blogging is becoming the most popular way to earn money while sitting at home. But for a new blogger, the most common question is whether to start from a free blog or

top 9 digital marketing strategies for event management company

Digital Marketing Strategies for an Event Management company must be customized and implemented carefully. They should not be the same as your neighbor’s digital marketing strategies. You and all the other event planning companies compete with each other. So must

Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Digital Marketing Tips for Startups are always in demand. Most startups are bootstrapped and are short of funds, so every single tip that can save money is often welcomed. Marketing has changed its pace and traditional marketing replaced with digital

effective digital marketing ways for chartered accountants

Digital Marketing for Chartered Accountants is possible and it’s not against ICAI. There are certain restrictions on Chartered Accountants by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) as the use of logos and advertising in the competitive market. But

digital marketing for financial advisors

There is very tough competition among financial advisors. But in this digital age, the market is presenting huge opportunities for more financial advisors to join the ranks. To stand out from the crowd and come out on top, digital marketing

right strategies for real estate marketing

If you are in the real estate business, you must be aware of the right strategies for real estate marketing to boost sales. The real estate market goes through many ups and downs and is dependent on various factors such

online strategies to promote educational institutes on budget

It is a costly affair to promote educational institutes with the traditional way of marketing. Similar to other businesses, educational institutes also need to market their brand. You also have competitors in the market and you need to compete with

build your brand with digital marketing mentoring

Have you tried every possible source on the internet to learn about digital marketing but not yet succeeded? Because there is a reason for this. Digital Marketing is a 100% practical skill. The term “digital marketing” can be quite overwhelming

why google business listing is necessary for business

Internet is penetrating every part of the world and people searching everything on Google. So for a business to grow, Google business listing is very important. Google My Business offers every business big or small a wonderful opportunity to appear in

SEO Basics for Beginner Bloggers

Understand the SEO basics is the first step for every new blogger to be successful in blogging. In this guide “SEO Basics for Bloggers – Ultimate SEO Guide for beginners (2021)” you will learn about all major aspects of SEO,

local seo for schools an effective tool to increase school admission

Local SEO for school can play a very important role in improving school’s web presence and ultimately getting more admissions. In this post “Local SEO for School – An Effective Marketing Tool to Increase Admission” I am going to explain

UseProof Review – Increase Website Conversion with Best Social Proof Marketing Tool (2021)

I am here with “UseProof Review – Increase Website Conversion with Best Social Proof Marketing Tool (2021)” Whenever customers buy something they have some questions or fear in mind. Most of the questions are like: What I am buying will

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