Smart Online Ways For Schools to Survive And Grow During COVID-19 Pandemic

smart online ways for schools to survice and grow during covid--19 pandemic

This Covid-19 Pandemic is really very tough time for everyone. Each and every segment of people are severely affected due to this. The education system in India especially schools and school students are really suffering a lot.

Covid-19 Pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty about the future of regular school classes and teaching.

But the best part is that we are living in the age of the internet and the digital era. So schools are adapting new online reality due to coronavirus.

Schools are trying best to adapt “Smart Online Ways For Schools to Survive And Grow During COVID-19 Pandemic”.

 Challenges of Online Teaching

challenges and problems of online teaching

But schools and students are facing some below challenges:

  1. Lack of Tech-Savvy Teachers

The new reality of online teaching has made schools realize that the teachers must be tech-savvy. Unfortunately, many teachers are not that tech-savvy to take online classes.

Teachers can be trained and encouraged to take online classes for sure.

  1. Lack of Resources

Since this is a sudden situation and neither schools nor teachers were ready and equipped with resources to face the challenges.

The resources like broadband connection, Smartphones or cameras, proper setup and environment at teacher’s home, etc. are some concerns that hinder online teaching.

  1. Online Teaching Tools are Expensive and Unsafe

The online teaching app or software like Zoom etc are very expensive for small and medium schools to go for.

Above all, these apps are not safe to use and security issues are there.

  1. Online Classes are not Suitable for Every Student

Since online classes need students to use mobile or laptop for long hours, which is not possible for most of the parents.

Still in India, a family has a single smartphone that can not be kept occupied by a single child for so long. Also, a good internet connection is also a big problem still at this time.

  1. Parents Find it Difficult

For young students’ parents, involvement must be there while attending class. This is somehow very difficult in the case of working parents, less educated or tech-savvy parents. So schools are facing challenges in this area.

Smart Online Ways For Schools to Survive And Grow During COVID-19 Pandemic

One thing we must understand during difficult times is to focus more on solutions rather than problems.

Every time either good or bad shall pass, so this time too. But we can not sit idle and waiting for the right time to come and resume the regular classes.

We all must keep going and keep learning since each and every single day matters a lot.

Here we have come up with few “Smart Online Ways For Schools to Survive And Grow During COVID-19 Pandemic”

1. Use Easy to Use Tool or Software for Online Teaching

Since schools and teachers didn’t get much time to train and learn much about online teaching, the best way is to go for a solution that is easy to learn for teachers.

Ultimately they are the ones who must be comfortable in using the system.

2. The App or Tool must be with a Provision for Recorded Lessons

In most cases, this may happen that students are not able to attend the live sessions. This may be due to the non-availability of smartphones or laptops, internet connectivity, or parents not available at a particular time.

So if the app or solution has provision to access the recorded lessons later for students will be an added advantage.

3. Go for Economical and Trusted Solution

This Covid-19 pandemic has created a lot of financial troubles for schools and parents both. So the school must not invest in an expensive solution at this time.

Of course, the solution must meet all your major requirements. It must be a trusted one, for that you can verify and ask for any Government recognition or certification.

4. Schools Should Encourage Teachers for Online Ways of Teaching

Schools can run some contests and competitions for teachers. There can be some feedback and rating system from students and parents based on the way of teaching.

Based on the ratings result can be announced like the best teacher of the week, best Online Teacher of the week, The quickest learner, etc. This will motivate the teachers to learn and apply new things.

5. Competition for Students

Students should be motivated by some of the other ways like there should be some regular competition, quizzes, etc.

6. Schools Must Act on Time

Each and every school must foresee the future and equip well in advance to face any situation.

Since the main thing is the education of students, which should be the first and foremost concern.

All those schools will gain credibility for years to come who will come up with the right solution for students. They will gain the trust of parents and teachers as well.

7. Schools should be active on Social Media

Schools must have their Facebook Page and update it regularly to keep the engagement.  You can create a closed group for each class. This will help students to interact with each other and it will act as a forum to discuss some problems and seek solutions.

Teachers and Students both should be part and in this way, they will not miss the interactions which they had during the regular classes.

8. Go for Digital Marketing

Sometimes there is a blessing in disguise and the same is the case here. You can promote your school via digital marketing and highlight those new things for students which other schools are not doing. This will make you attract new parents and students since every parent wants the safety and protection of their child.

If you are not sure how to do digital marketing, you can download “The Quick Digital Marketing Guide for Schools” for FREE. This book will help you adopt the right digital marketing strategy for your school.


The market is flooded with solutions for online teaching.

Every school must make the wise decision to go for the best solution.

You can go for any app or solution based on your knowledge and satisfaction.

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  5. Online Fees Payment within the app
  6. Homework, Notices and Information sharing within the app
  7. Easy to use and Economical
  8. Central Government DIPP (startup India) recognized

…..And much more

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Here in this article “Smart Online Ways For Schools to Survive And Grow During COVID-19 Pandemic” I have discussed challenges and solutions for school.

Hope this will help and I will really appreciate if you can share your suggestions and feedback.

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