What is Google My Business Policy Violations? Can It lead to GMB Ban?

GMB Guidelines  & Terms of Service

To safeguard all users, Google has set up its GMB guidelines, website policies, and terms of service. It is up to you as a business owner to be aware of and abide by these guidelines.

Using GMB to Spread Spam, Phishing Attacks, or Malware

Using GMB Websites to Post Obscene or Explicit Content or to Incite Hatred and Violence

Unauthorized Use of Personal Data of Users like Credit Cards, License Numbers, or Social Security Number.

Printing or Sharing of Copyrighted Content Without Permission

Making Copies that Address Child Exploitation or Abuse

Show Dishonest Behavior, such as Terrorism or The Marketing of Harmful Drugs

Policy Updates

Remember that Google may occasionally amend its Google My Business policies. Therefore, be sure to regularly review the policies each month and comprehend any new regulations.

Is Your Google My Business Suspended Due to Violation of GMB Policies?

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