How to Learn Digital Marketing Course? Online Training Vs. Offline Training

how to learn digital marketing online vs offline training

To learn digital marketing is the need of the day. But how to learn digital marketing course?

Are you wondering or confused about whether to go for an online digital marketing course or offline course, then you are in the right place?

In this article “How to learn Digital Marketing Course? Online Training Vs. Offline Training” you will learn the pros and cons of both the ways of learning.

Also by the end of this article I am sure you will be able to decide the best way to learn digital marketing.

What is Online Training?

Online training is also known as computer-based training (CBT), e-learning, or distance learning. In this form of training lessons or instructions are delivered on the internet.

A lot of multimedia elements like videos, audios, graphics, weblinks, etc. are accessed through one’s internet browser to learn lessons.

benefits of online course in digital marketing

Pros of Online Digital Marketing Training

Online learning has its own benefits which have made this e-learning method very popular.

  • Time-Saving

In learning online you don’t need to travel to the institute or training center, it saves a lot of travel time.

  • Flexibility

Usually most of the online courses are self-paced. It is flexible and allows you to learn at any time of the day.

You don’t need to adhere to fixed timings and have your comfort and flexibility.

  • Cost Savings

Online courses are much cheaper than offline courses.

There is a huge difference in the price or fees due to the cost involved in the infrastructure and trainer cost in offline training.

  • Distraction-Free

Online training is free from all the distraction like asking questions by other students in offline training.

  • Re-learn/Re-watch

In the online training method the user has access to the content to refer again and again.

This is a really very useful feature which makes online training very popular.

  • Good for Professionals

Online training is good for professionals and people who don’t have enough time to go to the institute and learn.

They can learn at any time suitable for them.

  • Accessibility

Online training is easily accessible by users. A student in India can take up a course from an Institute, College, or University situated anywhere in the world.

Location or Geographic barriers are completely eliminated in online courses and training.

Cons of Online Digital Marketing Course

  • Difficulty in Getting Doubts Cleared

Students or participants may often feel that there is difficulty in clearing doubts when you learn via online training. Since the trainer is not by your side at that particular time when the question is there, you may find it less convincing.

  • High-Speed Internet is Required

To learn digital marketing or any other course via online method one must have a high-speed internet connection.

In the absence of the internet or slow internet, you will not be able to learn flawlessly.

  • Group Learning is Missing

Online learning does not allow you to learn in a group. So some benefits of group learning like group discussion or brainstorming, etc. are missing.

What is Offline Training?

Offline training is the traditional way of training where participants need to travel to the training location like a classroom, institute, or college, etc. Here the trainer is present who imparts the training live to the students or participants.

benefits of offline training in digital marketing

Pros of Offline Digital Marketing Training

Still, in this digital age some people prefer offline training method due to some of its benefits which may include:

  • Regularity

In offline training you need to go to the training location on a particular time on a regular basis, this keeps the regularity.

In online training this sometimes is missing.

  • Interactive learning

Here in offline training students can interact with instructors and co-learners.

You can ask questions and clarify doubts or get into a lively discussion. So overall learning will be interactive.

  • Immediate Support

When you have any doubts or questions it is immediately addressed and resolved in offline training.

  • Healthy Competition

When you are learning offline digital marketing you are liable to complete your assignments on time.

Since other students are also there with you to compete, you learn in healthy competition.

Cons of Offline Digital Marketing Course

  • Lack of Flexibility

You need to attend the class on particular days of week and time. In case you are not able to attend the class, you will miss those lessons. Flexibility is not there in offline mode to learning.

  • Expensive

Offline or classroom training is very expensive than online training. The cost difference is very huge due to the cost of infrastructure and instructor cost and time involvement.

  • Dependence

Students usually become very much dependent on trainers, if there is too much hand-holding.

In case of even silly doubts or queries students ask the questions and never try to resolve it themselves in offline training.

  • Waste of Time

In offline training there involves a lot of traveling time which is just a waste.

Also in this training the session duration and course duration also increased due to a lot of unnecessary discussions and hand-holding.

  • Lack of Support Post-Course Completion

Although there is support during the course, soon after completing the course it’s hard to get the support and query resolution.

  • Not Suitable for Everyone

Since the professionals, housewives, or businessmen are busy with their jobs or work it’s not possible for them to visit the location to learn the course on a fixed time.

  • Limited Choice

If you want to learn digital marketing from any specific person, institute, or academy you can not learn if it’s not in your reach. In that case, you have to compromise and learn from any nearby institute which may not be good enough to teach you properly.

digital marketing course online in hindi


Although, it is your personal choice to choose between the two options to learn digital marketing.

But if you ask my choice of learning its obvious online training. I have tried both the method myself and found online training better in all aspects.

The cons of online training that are mentioned like query solving or doubt clearing are there. But all the good trainers attend queries regularly in live interactions on various social media platforms.

The Internet is not a problem now due to high-speed internet at very low cost is available.

The cons are also not that major and can always be ignored in comparison to the benefits of online training.

There are various online platforms where one can learn not only digital marketing but so many other different courses.

Few of them are Udemy, CourseraLynda, Skillshare, etc.

If you are sure to learn online Digital Marketing, you can learn from InfoTalks’ very much appreciated and highly rated Digital Marketing Specialist Program.

I hope the article “How to Learn Digital Marketing Course? Online Training Vs. Offline Training” may help you decide the right mode of learning.

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