Scope of Digital Marketing in India – Career and Job Opportunities

scope of digital marketing in india career and job opportunities

When I am writing this post it is lock-down all over the world and we all are sitting at home. Everything is going online whether it’s office work, meeting, events, classes, courses, and whatnot. This has tremendously increased the Scope of Digital Marketing in India. This situation has seriously made us realize the strong need and use of digital and online ways of earning, working, learning, marketing, etc.

By now either you are planning to take digital marketing as a career or would like to know more about the same.

When you make searches about the scope of digital marketing in India, there are many questions in your mind like:

  • What are the different verticals to enter?
  • How much are the minimum and maximum salaries one can earn in this field?
  • What is career growth in digital marketing?
  • Where and how to learn digital marketing?

I would try to answer all your queries and by the end of this blog “Scope of Digital Marketing in India- Career and Job Opportunities,” you will be able to make the right career choice.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

scope of digital marketing in india

 India is the second-largest user of the Internet with more than 700 million users which is almost 50% population of the country.

With the increased use of smartphones and easy accessibility of the internet, India has witnessed exponential growth.  It is expected to generate a huge number of jobs in the digital marketing arena by the end of the year 2020.

In this digital era, each and everyone is on the internet. People of any gender, age, or location are using the internet in some way or another. So no company or marketer can ignore these users. Hence career in digital marketing in India has enormous scope and is gaining relevance.

The growing percentage of India’s Digital Advertising Industry is at 33.5, and this is based on a recent survey. By the end of the year 2020, this will touch INR 255 Billion marks. Isn’t it remarkable?

India is one of the largest growing digital markets globally and the scope of digital marketing will keep on increasing at a very high rate.

It is also assumed that by the end of the year 2020, the Indian market will produce more than 20 lacs jobs in the digital industry.

The present scenario is clearly indicating that country is adopting digitization in every area and it would be evident in the country’s economy.

Stats That Validate Scope of Digital Marketing in India in 2020 and Beyond

 Digital advertising is expected to grow at an average of 14% annually.

  • Digital media is likely to grow up to 24% by 2020 which now stands around 12% of the overall ad share.
  • The major share of the total digital advertising is being spent on search and display commands
  • This is to note that customers now check their smart devices every 9.6 minutes.
  • With the increasing use of smartphones, there are 220 Million users who are accessing digital services through their smartphones.
  • By the year 2017, the number of mobile internet users in India was 420 million.
  • The number of mobile internet users by 2021 in India is estimated to reach 829 million.
  • The number of internet users in India is growing at a very fast pace at 38%.

Snapshot of Growing Digital Marketing Jobs and  Career Opportunities

 This has been confirmed that internet penetration in India is leaving behind developed countries like the US &UK which are the highest.

This has increased the number of jobs in this field. Below is the data for the same from some popular job portals:

  • Total jobs in Digital Marketing is 32952

scope of digital marketing in India as per

  • Total jobs in Digital Marketing  is 29592

times jobs data for digital marketing jobs in india

  • Total jobs in Digital Marketing is 34719

jobs in digital marketing in India as per shine jobs

  • Linkedin: Total jobs in Digital Marketing is 13000+

scope of digital marketing in India as per linkedin

The Career and Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing in India – Different Verticals

different verticals in digital marketing jobs and career

Digital Marketing is a vast field with enormous jobs and career scope. Based on your interest and passion you can choose a particular area in digital marketing.

Like if you love coding you can choose web designing. And you can become a good content writer if you have an inclination towards writing. There are other common career verticals in digital marketing – Social Media Manager, SEO Analyst, YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer, Ads Specialist, etc.

You have all the options to choose from like to go for a job or work as a freelancer and work on a project basis or become an entrepreneur and start your own agency or startup.

Below is  a list of the various digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in this arena:

  • Web Developer and Web Designer

Web Developers and Web Designer are people who are behind the creation of amazing websites that you come across on the internet. In normal terms, both web developers and web designers are used interchangeably but in a true sense, their roles are different.

A web developer is responsible to develop applications and functionality for the internet. In simple words, a web developer takes a website design and actually makes a functioning website from it.

On the other hand, a web designer is someone who is both creative and technical. He has the ability to understand what is required to make a website functional and easy to use.

So as a web developer and designer, you will be accountable for designing, coding, and modifying websites making them appealing and user friendly.

Although due to the availability of several CMS portals much technical knowledge is not needed. But prior knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, and web programming is desirable to get into this role

Average Salary – Rs 3 Lacs – Rs 6 Lacs

  • Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers have to lead the digital marketing team and report to the Vice President of Marketing in the company.

The digital marketing manager is responsible to look after all the digital marketing activities from devising strategies, generating traffic, supervising all the subordinates in the digital marketing department.

For the post, you need to have at least 5-7 years of experience to reach. If you have shown the projects that prove that you are a digital marketing expert you will be hired easily for the position.

These digital marketing experts are in huge demand and all companies are in search of these kinds of experts.

 Average Salary – Rs 10 Lacs to Rs 15 Lacs per annum. This may go up to Rs 40 lacs per annum plus equity in certain big companies.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Analyst/ Expert

A search engine optimized site can get free traffic from Google and other search engines. One should not spend money on Google AdWords campaigns to get traffic.

SEO executive’s job involves keyword research, user experience optimization, getting pages indexed, check on duplicate content, using Google Webmaster Tools, and so on.

SEO executives make sure that your web pages are optimized according to search engines. They also ensure that web pages are mobile-friendly and free from crawling issues.

The job of an SEO expert is more of an expert level. They need to be experienced in the field with at least 5 years of experience. They must be well versed in using advanced SEO tools like Ahref, Moz, SEMrush, etc.

There are so many other tools that will help in improving performance in the search engines that an SEO expert must be able to use easily.

SEO experts report directly to digital marketing managers and usually are individual contributors. They give constant feedback to the product and web development team.

Average Salary – Rs 2.5 Lacs to Rs 6 Lacs per annum. This may go up to Rs 10 lacs per annum and more in some companies.

  •  Social Media Marketing Executive

Social media marketing can be split into two main areas. One of the areas involves spreading the owned content via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This a social media executive or any person in the content marketing team can do.

The second area which is running a paid advertisement on social media platforms is a bit specialized task. To run an advertisement on social media platforms like Facebook etc. one needs to be an expert in that segment. To get the job as a social media marketing expert or manager you need to have experience in this field for at least 3-5 years.

Average Salary – Rs 3 Lacs to Rs 7 Lacs per annum. This may go up to Rs 15 lacs per annum or more in some companies.

  •  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or PPC Expert

Search Engine Marketing is a very important dimension of digital marketing. It is usually treated as a Google Ad words Specialist. Although it is a broad term to define marketing via search engines.

Search Engine Marketers are in very much demand and are a very good option for persons with a good analytical mind.

Their major responsibilities include keyword research for ad copies, managing ad groups, optimizing landing pages, bid management, ad copy-writing, split testing of ad campaigns, study analytics, and generate reports. They also need to coordinate with the creative team for graphics and ad copies.

There are no such specific years of experience for this post. But big corporate companies need people with enough years of experience.

Average Salary – Rs 3.5 Lacs to Rs 8 Lacs per annum. This may go up to Rs 15 lacs per annum or more in some companies.

  •  Content Writer and Content Marketing Manager

If you love to write then content writing is the best-suited profile for you. This profile is very much in demand and will always be there as the need for content is increasing immensely.

Content marketing managers are responsible for content marketing. Their role and responsibilities include managing the blog, email communications, sales page copy-writing, drip marketing campaigns, eBook publications, video marketing, and guest blogging.

They need to report to digital marketing managers or Head of Marketing/ V.P..They may be solo contributors or can manage a team of content writers.

As a content writer one can work as a freelancer and work on a project basis. One can work with more than one project at a time.

The experience required for the post of content writing manager is 3-5 years.

Average Salary – Rs 7 Lacs to Rs 15 Lacs per annum.

 Above were the main profiles that a person in the field of digital marketing can expect. Although there are a few other below profiles that may be there in any organization depending on the need.

  • CRM Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Inbound Marketing Manager etc.

learn digital marketing by digital marketing specialist program in hindi

How to Learn Digital Marketing?

The best thing to become an expert in digital marketing is that it does not require any special degree or qualification.

But definitely, you must be a hard-working, passionate, and sincere person who wants to learn the skill. There are several courses available both online and offline to learn digital marketing. In fact, vast resources are available on the internet in the form of blogs and YouTube videos.

You can choose any of the ways to learn as per your need, time, and budget.

I recommend you to read “How to Learn Digital Marketing Course? Online Training Vs. Offline Training”

But for me, the free resources available on the net are not in the right order and it may take much more time to search and find the right content. And during the journey, most people drop the idea to learn the skill.

The offline courses are there but the fees are very high and you need to travel to the place to attend the classes which are both time consuming and costly affairs.

So I would highly recommend you to go for an online course that has a high rating and good review feedback.

InfoTalks has one of the best in industry Digital Marketing Specialist Program with in-depth 20 modules and 120+ videos.

Not only this but there will also be lifetime updates and support, along with a query solving facility.

You can get Digital Marketing Specialist Program here.

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I hope this article Scope of Digital Marketing in India- Career and Job Opportunities” gave you a pretty good idea about the careers and jobs in digital marketing in India.

Now that you know there is an opportunity in digital marketing and it is time to prepare yourself for becoming a digital marketing expert.

Start learning and move ahead to become a successful digital marketer.

So go ahead a bright career is waiting for you.

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