How to Promote Affiliate Links: 10 Smart Ways To Earn Affiliate Commission

how to promote affiliate links

As an affiliate marketer, you must be wondering how to promote affiliate links to earn a huge affiliate commission.

If you are interested in making online money you must start a blog, and then you need to promote affiliate links on your blog.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you must start a blog. In case you are not clear which niche to choose for blogging than you  must read 10 Most Profitable Blogging Niches That Make You Rich.

It is by promoting affiliate links the bloggers or affiliate marketers make most of their income online.

In this article “How to Promote Affiliate Links: 10 Smart Ways to Earn Affiliate Commission”, I am going to tell you all possible ways to promote your affiliate links.

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about affiliate marketing, I recommend you to please go through “How to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing: Complete Beginners Guide” to learn all the basics.

What are Affiliate Links?

Now, as you are ready with your blog and basic information about affiliate marketing, it’s time to signup for the affiliate program or network. Here, you will get the affiliate panel and will be given a unique affiliate link.

Also, you can generate your affiliate link within the affiliate network panel.

This is your unique link which you will share with your audience and with the help of this your sales will be tracked.

Once anyone purchases anything through these links you will get the affiliate commission on that sale.

10 Smart Ways to Promote Affiliate Links

10 smart ways to promote affiliate links to earn affiliate commission

There are several ways to promote affiliate links which will make you earn a huge affiliate commission. Here I am going to tell you 10 smart ways to promote affiliate links for free. Let’s get started

 1. Promote Affiliate Links in your Blog Posts

Including affiliate links on your blog posts is one of the most common and smart ways to make money as a blogger.

When you write a blog post you have a chance to explain the product or service in detail. You also have a perfect place to share your experiences with the product or service.

When you share your own experiences with the readers you will be most likely to connect emotionally with them.

There can be several smart ways to promote affiliate links in your blog post and these may include as a:

  • Product Review Post
  • Recommendation Post
  • Additional Resource or Reference Post
  • Personal Experience or Testimony Post
  • Instructional Post
  • Product Vs. Product Post

You need to write SEO friendly blog posts to enhance your chances to attract more traffic through search engines.

2. Add Affiliate Links to Older Posts

You must review your older posts regularly and keep updating the content.

Also, add affiliate links at relevant places.

This will not also help you keep your blogs updated but increase the chance to get conversions.

3. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest works much better for affiliate marketing than any other social media platform.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is a great idea because it is a visual search engine. It is a combination of social media and search engines.

You need to follow some basic guideline to work on Pinterest:

  1. Create pins for Pinterest. The ideal pin size is a ratio of 2:3 ratio i.e. 1000px by 1500px. Even if you are not a professional graphic designer you create great graphics with FREE tool CANVA.
  2. The pin title must be catchy to attract the interest of visitors and increase engagement and click-throughs.
  3. You must do proper SEO with strong pin description and alt text using Pinterest keywords.
  4. Follow the proper policy terms to disclose the affiliate links by adding tags like #afflink, #sponsored or #affiliate, etc.
  5. If you are a part of group boards you can circulate the pins if they allow the affiliate links.
  6. Always adhere to the latest and Pinterest terms of use, since the algorithm and terms keep on changing over time.

4. E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is one of the best ways to put affiliate links. But this needs some time and expertise. First, you need to build your email list and it takes some time to do it.

Next step is to offer some value to them. Once your subscribers or audience start to get some value they will begin to trust you.

Gradually when you pitch them some product with your affiliate link, there is a good chance that they will buy those products or services.

This is pretty true that affiliate marketing and email marketing do hand in hand.

So start building your email list and keep providing them true value.

Believe me that your customers will be your loyal and returning customers once they have trust upon you.

5. Offer Freebies with your Affiliate Links

As a blogger, you must offer some freebies to visitors. Here you can add your affiliate links to freebies, which is a very nice way to promote affiliate links.

It will be easy for you to include affiliate links in content-based freebies or giveaways like e-books, e-mail courses, tutorials, etc.

These affiliate links can also be included in the cheat sheets, printable, checklist or any kind of pdfs.

You must keep in mind that the affiliate link must be related to the freebie.

For instance, you are providing a free SEO checklist and in that, you have recommended an SEO tool with your affiliate link to improve SEO.

6. Promote Affiliate Link on Thank You Page

This is an amazing strategy. When I do an E-mail campaign with ConvertKit (my email provider), I redirect my subscribers to my thank you page.

If you want to try ConvertKit you will get a 30-days free trial using my link.

For each and every different opt-in they could be redirected to a specific thank you page.

Once the subscribers land to thank you page, they will have the option to click on an affiliate product related to that freebie or opt-in.

7. Resource Page/ Library

You can add your affiliate links to your tools and resources page.

A tools and resources page is a place where you have a compilation of all your favorite tools, products and services. These are usually the tools and services which are niche-oriented and you have used or using.

For e.g., if you have a travel blog so here in your tools and resources, you may include your favorite airline, travel agency, travel bags, accessories, camera, etc.

8. Courses and eBooks

You must be good enough in some skill or talent and round that you can create some courses and eBooks.

Like for e.g. you have a blog on health and fitness and you have created an eBook on weight loss diet plan. So here in this eBook, you can recommend and mention a few health supplements or exercising equipment complimenting your eBook or course.

You have an opportunity to put your affiliate links and if any subscriber buys through that link you will get the commission.

9. Promote Affiliate links on Images and Banners

You can have display banners on your blog’s header, sidebar, footer or embedded in some posts.

Visual posts are also equally important in marketing and there are few ways to get affiliate product images:

  1. Make them yourself: Canva is the solution if you want to create nice appealing images about your product and attach an affiliate link to the image.
  2. Use images provided in Affiliate Portals: Affiliate platforms like Shareasale, CommissionJunction, Clickbank etc. provide their affiliate partners with images and banners in their affiliate portals.
  3. Ask for them: If you are marketing some affiliate products for which you don’t have any images or banners, you can mail the support for your requirement and they will surely provide you the same.

10. Promote Affiliate Links on Social Media

Social Media is the best way to promote your affiliate link.

But please ensure before promoting affiliate links that you are not going to get banned. Some affiliate merchants and platforms don’t allow the direct affiliate links to post on social media.

Also, social media platforms may suspend or ban your account on the ground of spamming.

The best way to promote your affiliate link on social media is via a landing page. You can create landing pages for the affiliate products and give the link of that pages on social media.

Final Words

This is very true that affiliate marketing can be a great source of income for bloggers.

Once you get familiar with where to promote your affiliate links can make a huge raise in your overall affiliate income.

Since this may take some time initially, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see good results. Keep and trying new techniques and reevaluate your strategies on a regular basis.

To get success and earn huge affiliate commission you must keep on testing new strategies and implementing new ways to promote your affiliate links.

I have a Digital Marketing Specialist Program which covers in-depth knowledge of Affiliate Marketing (most advanced strategies). You can get it here. 

I hope this post “How to Promote Affiliate Links: 10 Smart Ways to Earn Affiliate Commission” would help you generate great affiliate sales.

Let me know in the comment section what you think about this article.

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