How To Start Professional Blogging And Earn Money Online

how to start professional blogging and make money online

You have really made the best decision of life if you have decided to start professional blogging to earn money online.

In order to avoid so many mistakes and hurdles during your blogging journey, you can refer to this guide “ How To Start Professional Blogging And Earn Money Online”.

In this article, you will learn what is professional blogging, how to be a professional blogger, how to start professional blogging, what are the ways to earn money.

So, let’s dive in!

What is Professional Blogging

Blogging is a very good medium to entertain and inform a large audience. If you are really serious to start a blog and make money, the market is easy to access for you to enter.

But be committed to start blogging today and very soon you can see the rewards paying off.

Bloggers can be divided broadly into two main categories: 1. Hobbyists  2. Professionals.

Although the difference between them is not the traffic size or the quality of the site. But in a crux professional bloggers are the ones whose primary paid occupation is through writing online content rather than blogging as a pastime.

When a blogger’s main source of income is through blogging, that means he is into professional blogging.

In simple terms, a professional blogger makes a living from the blog. It is just like a job where you are your own boss and you have the flexibility to work at your own pace. You are responsible to attract visitors every single day, sell enough products each day, week and months to earn money and meet out your expenses.

So when a blogger’s primary source of income is bl

Believe me with professional blogging you are not able to meet out your expenses but much more to live a luxurious life. You just need to be sincere and work hard to reach that level.

How to Be A Professional Blogger

If you are looking to start professional blogging, you need to be serious in your approach and treat it like a business.

To do Professional Blogging, bloggers need to have professional-level skills like:

  • Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Designing

You need to make yourself different from other bloggers and need to be special. To be a professional blogger you need to be unique and better than everyone else in your niche.

How to Start Professional Blogging

To start professional blogging you need to follow a process which can be broadly divided as:

  1. Start a Blog
  2. Create Good Content
  3. Earn Money on Your Content

Let me explain each topic in detail

1. Start a Blog

  • Select your niche carefully and be an expert in it

Readers are interested in knowing something interesting rather than your day to day life. So, create content on something you are passionate about which is interesting to a reader at the same time.

Make sure what you are interested to write about has enough audience. For e.g. you are interested in the keto diet, make sure the audience of keto diet who will read your content is large enough.

So your niche should be the one which you are passionate about and people are interested to read or know about it.

You can refer the video for more details on niche selection here.

  • Decide on your style of writing

This simply means that you must determine if you want to write opinions, reviews, or essays.

Each of these styles has a different impact and cater to a different audience. When you post your blog you must keep a particular style and stay consistent with it.

Opinion blogs are the ones where a very specific segment of people are interested in.

Reviews blog helps people buy any product based on your review and what you feel about a particular product.

Essays can be anecdotes or stories that are relevant to an audience.

  • Purchase your own domain name

 Once you have decided on your niche and writing style, you need to buy a domain name.

When deciding on a domain name, you must take care in mind that it must resemble your niche or topic you are going to talk about.

You can get more details on buying a domain name here in this video.

  • Choose a Website Platform to start on

You can use any platform like WordPress or Blogger to provide help to set up your website.

The platforms like WordPress or Blogger have such setups which allow a beginner with no technical or coding knowledge to create professional blog or websites.

They are equipped with tools and options to make things easier for bloggers and help you start professional blogging.

I would highly recommend WordPress if you are really serious about professional blogging.

  • Get your blog online

To take your blog online you need to buy a hosting where your domain will be hosted.

Good hosting is highly recommended because it is the pillar on which the blog is based on. You must be very careful in selecting hosting since there are several hosting companies available in the market.

Please refer to The ultimate guide on how to choose the best web hosting for in-depth knowledge of web hosting.

It is also advisable that you don’t go for any cheap and local hosting. In cheap hosting, you will not get any support and issues like slow speed, frequent downtime, data safety issues (resulting in hacking) and related problems.

The Blog hosting provider which I recommend is A2Hosting.

But this is advice that doesn’t go for any cheap or local hosting because later you will regret when you will not get any support, slow speed, frequent downtime, service issues, data safety issues (resulting in hacking) and other such things.

You can learn to make website in 4 easy steps here.

2. Create Good Content

  • Unique content

You have your niche decided, now it’s time to create unique content that readers would love to read. For this, you must do proper keyword research and create content around it from an SEO point of view. If your content is unique and search engine optimized, you will be ranked on Google easily and will get organic reach and traffic.

  • Write posts regularly

Since you want to be a professional blogger, it’s your job to write posts daily. Your audience won’t wait for long to read your posts. So provide them unique and interesting content daily.

This will keep them engaging and help you grow your ranking and traffic.

This will be a great idea that you can write posts ahead of time and save them as a draft and publish them when you need them.

  • Use catchy and appealing post titles

Your posts must have some appealing and catchy titles which attract audiences. At the same time, the titles must be so concise that it must help search engines to understand what your post is all about.

An SEO friendly title must include keywords and phrases that are commonly typed in on search engines to help visibility of your blog.

  • Include optimized images to draw attention

It is always better to use pictures related to your post. This will help readers engaged and it also draws attention to the audience. Also, the posts look interesting and appealing.

But the image should be relevant and optimized so that your page loading be fast. The images should be original and copyright free.

You can use 2-3 images per post or more depending upon the size of the post and relevancy.

  • Length of blog post

The length of the blog should be at least 1000 words. But a standard blog length should be 2500 words. But it should not be filled with repetition and words just to increase the length.

It must be reasonable information so that readers get worth and value by reading it.

  • Use internal linking and external linking

You can link your other related blogs, this way you can redirect your traffic to your other posts and this way you can keep the users engaged to your blog for a longer time.

Also, you can link to other blogs or sites to receive some more credible information which is not there in your blogs. This way users will feel that you are really trustworthy and providing them valuable content.

  • Blog promotion through social media

Since you have created a blog, now it’s time to promote it. You have various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others which you can use to promote your new blog.

This way you can build a large audience of readers and these readers may be your potential clients or customers.

So use relevant hashtags and keywords related to your blog to promote and build your business.

3. Earn Money On Your Content

If you are looking forward to starting writing full time, it’s important to know what are the options to make money through professional blogging.

I can broadly say that there are three main ways you can become a professional blogger and make money.

Let’s explore them in-depth.

  • Monetize Your Blog

If you want to get into professional blogging, you must monetize your blog. For these, you can use AdSense, but with this, you can make a few dollars a day. If your blog has high search engine rankings you can generate significant income with direct advertising sales on your blogs.

Another option is you can sell your products or those of others. If you want to sell products of others this you can do either as an affiliate or a reseller.

Few more methods of monetizing your blog are “

  • Selling advertising space on your blog: If you are writing good content and attracting good traffic, then businesses/ brands will pay you for advertising space on your blog.
  • Promoting and selling your own services: You can create your own products or services like e-books, courses, plugins, software, tools, digital marketing services, etc. With the help of your blog, you can easily promote them and earn money.
  • Paid Reviews: Once you have good traffic, you will be paid to review products on your blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the best ways to make money online through professional blogging. You can refer to the blog “How to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing: Complete Beginners Guide” here.

There can be other ways as well to monetize blogs but these are the most popular ways that professional bloggers use to make money.

  • Work for a Company to Write for a Business Blog

This is also a great way to earn while doing professional blogging. The only difference is that here you will be writing for some brand or company and in lieu of that, you will be paid a good amount.

Here you need not worry about the traffic levels and CTRs since you will be getting fixed money (just as salary) on a regular basis depending on your terms or contract.

But in order to get a good brand to hire you, you need to have a portfolio of writing samples ready to show.

You also need to have a good writing style, knowledge of SEO and other aspects of digital marketing will be an added advantage.

  • Work as a freelance blogger

This is also a very good way to make online money through professional blogging. In freelance blogging, you have more control over your posts, as you can pick and choose the projects to work on.

Freelancing ensures flexibility and also a predictable income, once you are established and experienced.

As a freelancer you have to source your own clients which is a bit difficult part of professional blogging initially.

You will be able to earn a decent income when you have fairly high-quality clients.

Here also you need to have to build a good portfolio that will help you get good clients. You need to work on self-promotion skills and start networking with other professionals and freelancers.

You must join platforms like freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. And it is also recommended to have your optimized profile on LinkedIn.

Brands, businesses and individuals come to these platforms to find freelancers to hire. But keep in mind these platforms charge some fees or share a portion of your earnings for promoting you as compensation.

Final Words

To conclude, if you want to become a professional blogger, you must find the niche of your interest for you to make a living from. Start your blog, create quality content around it and make money by following the monetization methods.

Hope this post “How To Start Professional Blogging And Earn Money Online” will surely help you become a professional blogger.

You can leave your comments and feedback to share your views.

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