A Free Graphic Designing Tool Easier Than A Paintbrush ( Canva )

graphics designing easy as paintbrush

Graphic designing plays a very important role in digital marketing if you are planning to learn digital marketing you should learn Graphic designing tools.

You have good content which you are sharing with people through your social media platform may it be Instagram Post or Pinterest or Youtube Thumbnail or your social media banners. If they are not attractive and attention-grabbing then you cannot attract more visitors to it. So, your graphics need to be more attractive which catches interest in the viewer.

Learning good Graphics designing is not an easy task and involves a lot of time and practice, but there is a tool that is a FREE graphics designing tool easier than a paintbrush. You can create attractive graphics within minutes before we know more about the tool I have something to share with your related to my experience.

When I started digital marketing I tried to learn software like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. Even when I learned this software, I had to depend upon Graphic Designers for my day to day tasks. The reason that these packages take a lot of time to create graphics. If you are looking to create instant graphics for your posts then it is not a good option.

Then I discovered “A Free Graphic Designing Tool Easier Than A Paintbrush”. And the best part is that it’s a cloud-based tool that can be accessed anywhere.

I could easily work on it from any available computer or laptop and designing graphics using this online tool is more of a fun.

Introduction about Canva

The software is “Canva and you can start using Canva for free within few steps by creating an account that you can do in a much easier manner using your Gmail Account.

Although it has a Premium subscription which is of recurring nature still you can create a lot of graphics using its free version, that too unlimited.

The Premium version provides access to many more templates, images, etc.

Where Canva images can be used

Using Canva you can design graphics for :

  1. Your social media posts
  2. Banner and Icon
  3. YouTube Thumbnails
  4. Presentations
  5. Brochures
  6. Posters & Printing Material
  7. Visiting Cards

and almost anything which you wish to.

Main feature of Canva

In the age of social media, one needs to design a lot of banners and post images. The sizes of all the platforms are different. I don’t need to remember the sizes of the graphics in Canva, as it has an inbuilt selection for the type of post you want and sizes are automatically defined.

Who can use Canva

Canva can be used by anyone who wants to create graphics. This is equally useful for:

  • Digital marketer who needs it designing for their digital marketing work.
  • Job holder for some designing work at their job
  • The freelancers who are working as a graphic designer.
  • Students or anyone who need to have graphics for any projects or so.

How to learn Canva

Once you learn and practice Canva you can earn money as well. It is very easy to use. You can follow the steps mentioned in the video below to learn Canva.

Once you learn to work on this tool start creating graphics for practice, the more you practice more perfection you will gain.

If you follow the steps in the video you can even start earning only through this Free software because there are so many people who need graphics on day to day basis for their Blog, YouTube Channel and Posts on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

It can be a good part-time earning source utilizing your spare time at your own convenience thus enhancing your designing skills.

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