Why Google Local Business Listing Necessary For A Business

google my business listing

Google My Business (Now Google Business Profile) is a free platform provided by Google where a business can create it’s listing.

When we need to search anything we use Google and accessing Google has become easy with the increasing use of smartphones.

With the increase in the use of internet searching on Google is the first thing that comes into our minds. If a business is listed over Google then it can increase its visibility online resulting in more leads and customers.

If you are not present on Google then you are missing lots of customers and business, it will not only help you to share your business details but to mark the exact location of your business on Google Maps, thus making it easier for anyone to reach exactly to your business premises

Its absolutely Free facility provided by Google and helps your business to grow at a fast pace. If you have not yet created your Google my business account then do it now, I am sharing steps to Create Google My Business Listing along with a video tutorial.

How to Create Google My Business Listing?

It is very easy to create Google My Business Listing as everyone is having a Gmail account these days.

If you are looking to create a Google My Business listing for your business then you can go to https://business.google.com  and log in using your Gmail ID, else you first log in using your Gmail ID and find the Google My Business in the Apps section as shown below. Click on the nine dots on the top right and you will find My Business icon. When you click on this Icon the Google My Business dashboard opens up.








Google My Business Dashboard is shown below which is very easy to configure:

google my business dashboard





The very first thing you need to do is fill all information including the address of your organization from the option Info given in the dashboard.

Now Google will send a verification PIN to your address within 7-12 days through postal service which you have to submit to confirm your address. Only after that, your business listing is available on Google

Till then you can configure you’re My Business account with all possible information and can refer the Video below to configure Google My Business.

How to Collect Reviews on Google?

Once your Google My Business account is active as you submit the PIN received through the post, don’t forget to start collecting reviews on Google, you can follow these simple steps which I have tried on my business :

  1. Make a list of all your customers with their mobile number and email ID.
  2. Create a link to Google My Business Review Section.
  3. Send an email to all your customers requesting them to share a review and you can even request the link using WhatsApp.
  4. Further for any new customer visiting your place don’t forget to take a review there and then, allocate this duty to one of your staff members.

These reviews are your online reputation and will help you in getting more customers and leads to grow your business.

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