How to Find Your Passion in Life

how to find passion in your life

At some point of time in life, we all feel the lack of enthusiasm and zeal towards life. It seems like we are stuck in a rut. Have you ever analyzed why this is so? This is because you are not following your passion. So the main thing is “how to find your passion in life”?

In fact, most of us even don’t know what our passion is?

But before finding our passion we must understand what passion is?

What is Passion?

Passion is a strong emotion you have inside you for something like an art, skill, technique, work anything.

Passion is something you are ready to learn anytime. You can do it even you are not getting any money out of that. It is something which you want to learn more and more.

Passion makes you crazy to learn the minutest detail of it.

Eric Thomas quoted it so well “No alarm clock needed, my passion wakes me up.”

If you could understand what this quote says, you surely understand what passion is. Passion pushes you to work towards achieving your goal. Passion does not let you sleep. You want to work more and more for that.

Passion is the reason that does not let you sleep, you just want to get up and work. It fills you with excitement.

Even if it doesn’t give you money but a sense of self-satisfaction, contentment, and pride in doing is what passion gives you.

If you have a passion for you, you can transform your life in such a way that you have never thought of.

Now, the next main thing is “How to find your passion in life even when you are depressed”.

Finding your passion is not that easy. Because we are so accustomed to our daily life routine that we don’t even think to find time to think about passion.

Here are some suggestions on:

How to find your passion and purpose in life

1. Think about what motivates your decisions

The majority of people take life’s decisions related to career, job or any other area are based not on their instinct but what others are expecting them to do.

This happens at any time in your life, but this is mostly the case when you are young or are a teenager. You are compelled to listen to parents and other authority figures.

When you take your life’s decision based on what others will think, you end up with dissatisfaction, frustration, lack of interest, de-motivation.

You will be unhappy all through your life if you make your decisions based on what others want you to do instead of what you should do out of your choice. This may result in depression

2. Figure out your core beliefs

Your core beliefs are the values you have in life. This can be religious or spiritual, but it must be reflective of your personality and what satisfies you.

It has been proved in research that whey you are not living in accordance with your values, you are unhappy and demotivated. You will procrastinate more because you don’t find things meaningful.

It can be difficult to figure out what you value in life. Because you have never given it much thought.

Take some time, it may be a few days as well to examine your life, your past experiences and find out what made you feel “perfect” about your life.

3. Self-reflective questions

It’s time to ask some self-reflective questions. We normally don’t sit silently and ask ourselves some self-reflective questions like what things make you happy, what activities you don’t like to do?

  • Think about times when you were very happy. Why you were happy? What were you doing back then? Who was accompanying you at that time? Why that situation or event made you happy and what you can do to bring that happiness back in your life?
  • Have you ever think of a time when you felt satisfied and fulfilled. What desires or needs were fulfilled? Why it was so?
  • What are the things or activities that you are ready to perform even when you are tired or sleepy?
  • What are the topics that get you fired up when you think or talk about them?
  • What are the skills or things that you want to learn irrespective of no monetary gains at the moment?

4. Analyze the patterns in your answer

Now as you thought about your answers to the questions, analyze and examine your answers. You will find that what you are doing is not what makes you happy. What makes you happy is that you stopped doing or not even started doing.

  • For example, perhaps you remember that you were happy and felt proud when you accomplished something on your own. This means you like independence, self-reliance, and ambition.
  • You might felt most satisfied and happy when you were able to express your creativity through some sort of artwork. This indicates that you value creativity.

Once you’ve thought about your answers to the questions (and even come up with your own questions, if you like), examine your answers. Find out the things which appear to make you happy and to add purpose to your life? What are the things that are not as satisfying as you thought?

Instances and examples to analyze the answers:

  • There was some instance which made you feel proud about the accomplishment of some task on yours. This suggests possible values like self-dependency, self-reliance, and a sense of fulfillment.
  • Somehow you might have never realized but you have felt most fulfilled when you were able to express yourself through your creativity and artwork. This suggests possible values like creativity, innovation, and artistry.
  • You may also observe that you feel self-contentment when you help others without any intention of money or so this means you are inclined towards social work.

Here the point to remember is that your values are yours. Don’t judge them from anyone else’s perspective.

5. Make a list of what you love to do

passion makes you happy

Take a look at your life and analyze whether you are already doing something that you love. Figuring out what you really love to do and channeling it in a productive way that turns it into a passion can help you explore your heart’s desires.

When you introspect your life you will figure out what you really love to do. These things if properly channelized in a productive way may turn into a passion can help you explore your heart’s desires.

For that you need to ask yourself some questions:

  • What do I do most of the time?
  • What are my goals?
  • What draws me?
  • What would be that one thing which I could do for the rest of my life?
  • What would be that thing which I would love to do, even if I didn’t get paid to do it?
  • What am I doing when I feel “connected”, wonderful”, “and happiest”?

6. Find out what you spend hours reading about.

Try to find what topic you love to read.

When it comes to me, when I get passionate about something, I will read about it for hours. I will search on the internet, buy books, magazines and more.

You may surely find a few possibilities here, and all of them can be possible carer options.

7. Look around your for ideas

find your passion from ideas around you

You feel blank right away when you think about what you would love to do? Don’t worry, take out a diary and start writing ideas. Whatever comes to your mind write it down.

Look back at your childhood, your friends, your role model, your bookshelf. Write down everything and analyze them later.

Ask around, and look for possibilities.

You can always ask other people for some ideas. Also, observe what others have found as their passions.

This you can search on the internet for ideas.

The more options you find, the more likely your chances of finding your true passion.

8. Give it a try first then quit the job

If you feel that you found your passion do it as a side job first to give it a try. You may be passionate about it for a few days, but if you feel that you are losing interest than it was just an instinct.

But if you feel more and more inclined and feel the zest to learn more and more than here is passion.

Once you start some earning or got the potential that you can think to quit the job to pursue it more dedicatedly.

9. Keep on researching as much as possible

Keep on researching more and more about your passion. Read more and more books, visit more and more blogs, websites, content, watch more and more videos.

Try to find and network with the people pursuing the same passion.

What are the prospects of earning if you follow this passion? What training and additional skills required to get started? Any recommendations you can get?

This will help you understand the possibilities and challenges which will help you in many ways.

10. Practice, practice, and practice some more

Whatever you are following practice it as much possible. Don’t go into it without proper understanding.

Once you perfect yourself you will surely make good money out of that.

The practice is the key and if you love doing that you will practice it for hours without any sigh.

So these were the key points when you are finding passion and working on it. Once you start working for your passion you will enjoy it. Name, Fame, Money everything will follow you as a by-product.

passion makes you happy

By now every reader would have understood “how to find your passion in life” and will surely find the true passion in life

You can also have how to find passion test or quiz in order to assess your true passion.

Hope this information will help you in some way. If you have any advice or suggestions feel free to comment in the section below.

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