Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Web Hosting

The ultimate guide on how to choose the best web hosting

Are you a blogger and confused about which web hosting to go for? “Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Web Hosting” will help you to end up with the best web hosting package.

It is somehow difficult for a beginner or a blogger from non-technical background to know the best way to host a website. Especially if they are looking into how to make money with WordPress or just have an additional income from their blog.

But here I will describe in detail how to choose the best hosting for a blog.

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First, let’s understand the meaning of web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the service that makes your blog or website available to be viewed by visitors or viewers on the Internet. A web host provides you the space on its server so that other computers around the world can access your website through a network or modem.

Today, there are thousands of web hosting services available, ranging from free services with limited options to expensive, specialized business web hosting services. Which option you choose depends mainly on how much you want to spend and how you plan to use your website.

How to choose the best web hosting?

There are several parameters on which it is based that which web hosting and plan you should go for.

I have broadly divided it into three parts. Let’s walk through each part one by one.

Part A: Determining your Technical needs

1. Determine the need for a blog or website:

This is the foremost step to understand what your blog or website needs to function. You will need a good idea of your basic needs before you start searching for hosting plans.

For this you can use the following list of questions as a guide for determining the type of service that will suit you the best:

  • Domain name: Do you already have a domain name or you need or want your domain name?
  • You want a blog or already have a blog? Do you need a particular blogging platform like WordPress, etc.?
  • Are you ready for a paid web host or for a free option? If you are planning for a personal blog without your domain name, you can go for free options like Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress.com.
  • Do you want or rely on a visual panel like cPanel to install software and updates?
  • Are you migrating an existing website to a new host? In this case, does your site require specific tools to run?
  • If you have any specific needs like to sell products or services and take payments?

2. You must consider the size and potential growth:

Web hosting providers usually charge different rates depending on how much traffic your site is getting and the space your content takes. If you are expecting good traffic or visitors than what works for you now will need to be upgraded and scaled up in the future.

So while choosing a web host keep the future requirement and plan in mind.

3. Learn about different types of web hosting:

You must know well about the different types of hosting when you are learning how to choose the best web hosting? There are generally three types of plans offered by web hosts:

  1. Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is the best for personal websites, bloggers and small businesses who use external e-commerce sites like Etsy or Shopify to manage their sales. In this, your website will be hosted on a server that also hosts other websites as well. This means you will be sharing resources like bandwidth, CPU power, hard-drive space, and RAM.

    • It is the most affordable and user-friendly type of web hosting. Shared hosting plans normally offer website-building tools, one-click management panels, and limited support. A free domain name is also offered with many shared hosting plans.
    • In shared hosting bandwidth and hard drive, space is limited. If a shared server becomes overcrowded your site’s performance may adversely suffer.
  1. Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated hosting is suitable for big businesses with server administrators. This is also ideal for high traffic and resource-intensive websites with lots of customization needs. You will have an entire dedicated server to your website with this hosting.

    • You need to control every aspect of your website which includes maintaining all databases and applications relied on by your website. Also, you will be responsible for ensuring whether your server is secure, patched, and up-to-date.
    • Also please keep in mind that if you don’t have a server admin and you are not technical, you will need a “managed” service plan, which can be very expensive.
  1. Virtual Private Servers:

This VPS plan is recommended for businesses whose sites require more customization than what is available on a shared server. But do not need as much bandwidth or storage space as provided with a dedicated server

    • In VPS service you will have your own operating system and the ability to manage all aspects of your server’s back end tools similar to dedicated hosting.
    • At the same time, it is similar to the shared server because you will be sharing the physical hardware with other customers.
    • In this also, like a dedicated server, you will need advanced technical know-how or a managed support plan to build and maintain your site.

Part B: Comparing Service Features

1.  Find out which tools are provided:

To run a website you need to have services such as cPanel, WordPress or other blog integration, analytics, FTP access, email support via other back-end tools. So must ensure that the web host you choose has these services which are necessary for a blog or website.

    • Some web services allow you to choose an operating system like Linux, or windows. Although the industry standard is Linux, you will need to choose Windows if your blog or site uses custom tools written with Microsoft .Net.
    • The sites especially the one which is e-commerce or collects data must follow some security guidelines. You need to ensure that the hosting service offers acceptable security tools.

2. Check the storage amount offered:

Whatever amount the hard drive space allotted for your web-pages, images, videos, databases and other data is called as the Storage.

    • Many web hosting providers offer a plan which claims of unlimited space. But this is not necessary for simple websites. This is also to note that unlimited space is a technical impossibility. If the host’s server gets overcrowded this will decrease server performance.
    • One more point to keep in mind while choosing the host is you must have room to expand and grow. Look out for the different storage upgrade options. There are few companies offers more space as your needs expand.

3. Compare bandwidth amounts between hosts:

This is the most important point to consider. Bandwidth is the amount of data allowed to transfer between your visitors and your site. There are several options available with the hosting companies in which some services offer unlimited bandwidth, while others set limits.

    • What amount of bandwidth you use will depend on the amount of traffic you receive as well as the amount and size of the content you host. A heavily visited site with mostly text will consume less bandwidth than a heavily visited site with lots of images and pictures.
    • “Unlimited bandwidth” is rarely unlimited. The hosts will claim to provide unlimited bandwidths are typically much slower than a host that applies bandwidth limits.
    • Please be updated on what happens if you cross your bandwidth allotment. It varies from company to company some may charge a fee or your site may be taken offline until the next billing.

4. Check out the technical support options:

This is the most crucial factor to be kept in mind while selecting a host. If you are not technical and don’t have any admin team, you need to make sure someone is available if something goes wrong. Do you want support to be available 24/7? Is chat or email support acceptable or you want to talk to support? Do you have to pay extra for support or included in the plan? What are the charges?

Part C: Researching a Service’s  Review, Claims and Reputation

1.Test the speed of other sites hosted by a service:

One thing that makes or breaks your website is the time it takes for your website to respond. So many hosts show some of their prestigious customer’s websites as means of advertisement. You can refer these addresses to test the speed. But this is not completely indicative of the speed your site will also have.

You may also ask for the examples via call, text or email  if you are not finding any sites which are being hosted by the service

2. Check out the host provider’s uptime claims:

The amount of time your site is expected to be available on the internet is the “uptime” percentage. This is mainly important for big business websites and e-commerce websites because customers expect your site to be available 24/7.  Several hosts claim 99% update or more, but be sure of any host that claims 100% uptime.

3. Read reviews of a company’s customer service and support team:

In the world of internet searching for recent reviews are quite easy to make sure that the service is consistent.

    • Be careful when seeking reviews on the web, as some of the top search results are operated by hosting companies themselves or by people who want to make money out of referrals.
    • Even if you are not able to determine a hosting company’s reputation you can conduct a poll on Facebook or make a post on web hosting forums asking for reviews and recommendations.

4. Understand the cost aspect:

Now,  by the time you’ve found a plan that meets all of your needs, make sure you fully understand the cost, payment options, etc.

    • Mostly all the service providers provide two different payment options monthly and yearly plans. The yearly rate is definitely the cheaper one, but you will have to pay for a whole year upfront. If you choose to go for a yearly plan, be clear on the refund policy should the service not meet your expectations or need.
    • Many host providers offer high discounts when you first sign up, but these rates may increase considerably after you are a customer for a certain amount of time. Check out how long the rate you agree to remains available. Also, what would be the rates after the promotion’s end?
    • Usually, web hosts offer bundle offers within an expensive package. Make sure you go for only those services which are actually required.
    • Some of the hosting providers also offer free hosting with limited service. For eg. On that free site, you will not be able to use your domain name. Free sites also display their own advertisement and do not allow you to set up ads for yourself.

Well, by now you have understood from “Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Web Hosting” that what points you must consider while choosing the right web host.

Best Web Hosting

Let me help you more by sharing my review and recommendation on the Best web hosting. Although I am not imposing my views on you to buy. But since I am in this field for almost 16 years and I have tried and tested many web hostings and based on that I am giving my review and recommendation.

I have categorized hosting in three parts according to users and their needs :

  1. Starter Hosting: These hosting packages are best for the starting bloggers, businesses who want to make their website for online presence or any educational institution and related service providers.
  2. Premium Hosting: There hosting package is best for the bloggers who want a high performance hosting as they have or expect a large number of visitors to their blog website, for businesses who have good traffic on their websites or want to start an online selling marketplace for their products & services.
  3. Managed Hosting: These hosting packages are best for the high traffic bloggers, businesses who have an online selling portal on which they have a good amount of traffic and for those who want a high performance hosting based on their specific needs. It is a bit costly but justifies their costs.

Note: We have provided discounted links for the above packages along with their details, if you purchase through the links provided you will become eligible for a bonus gift from our end worth $80( 5400/- INR) for claiming your gift you have to email the receipt after purchase to our email i.e. infotalks.in@gmail.com

A. Hosting package which comes under Starter Hosting

1. iPage Web Hosting Price Starting at $1.99 per month 

It’s one of the cheapest hosting available as it can support multiple websites with its basic plan.

Even if you don’t want to use WordPress it has a free web builder with thousands of responsive templates, iPage users can create professional-looking sites in no time. Some of iPage’s core features include :

    1. Unlimited disk space
    2. Scalable bandwidth
    3. The free domain name for one year
    4. Free online store, Paypal Integration & easy to use shopping carts makes its most preferred for E-Commerce service providers.

ipage hosting
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Multiple Websites  FREE Domain name FREE SSL



2. GoDaddy Web Hosting Price Starting at INR 99/- per month 

It’s the most low-cost hosting available if you don’t have the budget at all then only I would ask you to take this hosting else I will not at all recommend. It lacks an essential requirement i.e. SSL which if additionally purchased then this hosting cost will match the cost of the Premium Hosting still not that good server speed.

  1. Unlimited disk space
  2. The free domain name for one year
godaddy on infotalks
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Single Website  FREE Domain name No SSL



B. Hosting package which comes under Premium Hosting

1. A2 Hosting Price Starting at INR 272/- per month 

It’s one of the most cost-effective Premium hosting available with 20X i.e. 20 times Turbo Speed option which no other Premium hosting in its segment provides. I personally recommend this hosting and if you face any issue you can contact me.

Even if you don’t want to use WordPress it supports Drupal, Magneto, Joomla & Open Cart, A2 Hosting users can create professional-looking sites in no time. Some of A2 Hosting core features include :

    1. Unlimited disk space
    2. Any time Money Back Guarantee
    3. 99.9% Uptime Commitment
    4. Guru Crew Support, you can raise a support ticket, call via a toll-free number and even email them.
    5. Free Account migration facility where your website can be moved to A2 Hosting safely by their team along with data.
    6. Using Open cart you can create an E-Commerce portal.
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Best Rating  Turbo Servers 20X faster FREE SSL



2. Bluehost Price Starting at 199/- per month

It’s among good Premium hosting available which is also recommended by WordPress. It also provides VPS & Dedicated hosting packages.

Some of the Bluehost core features include :

    1. Free Domain name
    2. FREE SSL
    3. FREE Backup
    4. FREE Scanning
    5. WordPress ready
    6. Unlimited Bandwidth
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Website analytics FREE Domain FREE SSL



C. Hosting package which comes under Managed Hosting


1. WPX Hosting Price Starting at $24.99 per month 

This is World’s fastest Managed WordPress hosting with best in its class support. Free Bug Fixing on your WordPress website which no one else provides.

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Some of the WPX Hosting core features include :

    1. World’s fastest WP CDN which makes your website speed 3X
    2. 32-second support
    3. Malware Removal
    4. Move your sites for Free
    5. No increase in price on plan renewal
    6. Incapsula Enterprise level DDOS protection
    7. Minimum Plan support 5 Websites
    8. Free WordPress bug Fixing
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Multiple Websites FREE CDN FREE SSL



2. Kinsta Hosting Price Starting at $30 per month 

This is Fully Managed WordPress hosting with the ultimate speed. This hosting is on the Google Cloud Platform.

Some of the Kinsta Hosting core features include :

    1. Free Migrations
    2. Best in class Security for your website
    3. Daily Backups
    4. Website statistics on Kinsta Dashboard
    5. Powerful Built-in WordPress Hosting tool.
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Automatic Daily Backup FREE CDN FREE SSL



This is my advice to everyone especially the new blogger, don’t get attracted by any cheap hosting because it will suck you and all your efforts in creating your blog will be a waste.

Now as you have decided and some might have bought the hosting you need to set up your blog for that you must read Setup WordPress Blog in 5 easy steps 

Bonus Offer

You can get an E-Book on “Setup WordPress Blog in 5 easy steps” worth $29 (approx Rs. 1999/-) and a Bonus Gift worth $50 (approx. Rs. 3500/-) for FREE. To claim offer buy any hosting below and mail me the receipt at infotalks.in@gmail.com

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This is totally based on the experience I have written: “Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Web Hosting”. I have used all the hosting and based on my experience I have reviewed these hostings.

You need to choose based on your needs and requirement. I would personally recommend A2 Hosting, ipage, and Blue host in sequential order for blogging and websites.

If high end managed WordPress hosting is required than WPX and Kinsta are good choices.

I hope you have got the answer on how to choose the best web hosting? Even if you have any doubts while choosing the web hosting, feel free to comment in the comment section. I will be more than happy to help you.




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    I have heard good things about blogengine.net.
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    Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!

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