16 Amazingly Useful Products for Students and Youths to Make Life Easy and Organized

16 amazingly useful products for students and youth to make life easy and organized

Time is precious for everyone but it is more for youths. Time can be saved by using “16 amazingly useful products for students and youths to make life easy and organized”.

Youth is the golden time of anyone’s life. How we spend and utilize this time decides our future and whole life. When you pass your school you enter into a new world.

Most of the students move away from home to pursue higher studies. Those who have passed college moved out for some job. In every case, you moved out of the comfort zone of home. You need to manage and organize your life yourself.

Time is limited and a whole lot of stuff to be carried on to keep the life going. College, studies, coaching, job, hang out with friends and much more. So I thought to write this blog on “16 amazingly useful products for students and youths to make life easy and organized”.

There are several tasks out of which some are required, some are necessary and some are important to be performed but everything kills time. So in order to save this precious time you must take the help of some useful things and cool gadgets which will help to make your life easy.

So if you are heading away from home for studies or for a job anytime soon, must pack all these essential gems for an easy and organized life.

Cool gadgets and other useful things for young students and professionals

1. Kindle Paperwhite (10th gen)

Kindle has the ability to load all your required reading material. You need not carry heavy books all the time. This one small, sleek and smart device will save your physical pain of lugging books and also handy at the same time.

Investing in Kindle will save your lot of money that you spend on books.  Books downloadable editions are usually much cheaper than book cost.

Kindle is useful not in case of your course books but you can download other self-help books and novels if you read so. Reading habit is one of the best habits to become successful in life.

If someone asks what do colleges students need the most? The obvious answer will be Kindle. This is not only for school or college students but for all those who are fond of reading.

Kindle a very useful gadget for students

Buy All-New Kindle Paperwhite (10 gen)

2. Portable External Hard Drive

There is no denying that technology has made our life easy. But there are chances that the loss caused by these things due to tech malfunction are very heavy.

What if you have data like your course material, project work, movies, music, photos, etc. stored in your PC or laptop is lost. You can’t even imagine the consequences. Therefore taking a backup of your work regularly is a wise idea.

The Toshiba Canvio Basics has 1TB, 2TB, and 500GB models. It is really helpful if your course or data contains a lot of media projects etc. It is one of the simplest storage and back-up solutions in a box. They offer plug-and-play, drag-and-drop convenience.

useful products for students and youths - Portable External Hard Drive

Buy Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

3. LED Desk Lamp

No study table in hostel or room is complete without a stylish and effective lamp. It is best suited for office work, study, reading, art and craftwork or anything.

It saves up to 80% energy as compared to the standard bulb. So obviously it for energy saving. You can reduce your electricity bill and start saving. It itself recover the cost.

There are many options available in the market but Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desk light is the one which I am using for years and very much satisfied with the performance.

A must-have thing in the rooms of students, youth or any working professionals who work till late at night.

Philips LED lamp light a useful product for students and youths to make life easy and organized

Buy Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight

 4. USB Laptop Backpack

Technology has become an integral part of everything we use whether it’s a mobile phone, gadgets, laptop or anything. The backpacks are not different.

Fur Jaden 15 Ltrs Grey Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack is a shining example of this, with a built-in USB charging dock allows you to keep your phone charged easily than before. This  Grey color anti-theft lightweight casual waterproof backpack is suitable for men and women for stylish office use as well as for trendy college and school students.

It has easy access pockets on the shoulder strap as well on the backside of the bag for quick access to essentials.

The huge compartment size is suitable to fit all laptops with ease. Multiple pockets for the accessories and an additional anti-theft pocket makes it more useful. It has the capacity to keep several books without any difficulty.

Multiple Pocket Backpack useful product for students and youths to make life easy and organized

Buy Fur Jaden 15 Ltrs Grey Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack

5. Portable Charger

Students or professionals have to be online most of the time due to which phone’s battery is drained usually. A nice portable charger is a must for them to carry. The Anker PowerCore 10000 can charge all kinds of devices at a fast speed. It can charge more than 3 iPhone 6S charges or 2 Samsung S6 into a slimline package that slips easily into your pocket.

It gives you an amazing 18 months warranty. This comes with advanced safety which is its exclusive multi protect provides maximum protection, while newly patented heat-control technology ensures power core speed never overheats.

Anker Power Bank a cool gadget for students and youths


Buy Anker PowerCore FBA_A1266H11 10000mAH Lithium-ion Power Bank (Black) 

6. Smart Notebook

With the advancement of technology, there has always been a debate between typing and handwriting notes during the lectures or any class. But the smart notebook has brought the solution. You can take the notes in writing as you traditionally do. Then scan the pages and upload to any cloud-based storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote.

This is environment-friendly and pages can be reusable. It is a more efficient way to organize your notes. It is a combination of both traditional and modern way of taking and organizing notes or plans.

This Rocketbook wave smart notebook will be the most useful thing that every college students want.

smart notebook useful product for students and youths to make life easy and organized

Buy Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

7. Multipurpose Electric Kettle

Nobody will deny the importance of tea, coffee and instant noodles in any student’s or hostellers life. It is an essential part of any youth’s daily routine. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to save yourself some cash at CCD or Starbucks and bring your own Electric Kettle?

In this, you can make your tea, coffee, instant noodles or porridge easily. The Warmex multipurpose kettle will be turned out to be the most innovative products for college students and youths.

Multipurpose kettle very useful Thing to make student life easier

Buy Warmex MP-999 1.2 Liter 600 Watts Multipurpose, Kettle

8. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a must for each and every smartphone users especially the youths.  There is enormous use of a good pair of wireless headphones. You can listen to your audiobooks, some songs, audio sessions, online courses, etc. using these headphones.

Also, you can use it while commuting to your college or office and utilize your time listening to some productive podcasts, audios or sessions.

If you are sharing the room with others and you need to give listen to some audio than this will be the coolest gadgets for students and youths.

Bluetooth headphone a thing which every college student needs

Buy boAt Mumbai Indians Edition Rockerz 400 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

9. Portable Printer

There are printers in the library but when students have to submit so many projects and have to work whole night then this portable printer comes very handily.

Avoid the last time hurry and you can take the print from the comfort of your own place.

HP’s Deskjet 5085 has wireless and cloud-based compatibility, this feature enables you to get print of your work wherever you are.

It is very compact and takes very little space to be occupied.

Portable Deskjet Printer most innovative product for college student

Buy HP DeskJet 5085 All-in-One Wireless Colour Printer 

 10. Fold able Keyboard

There are some situations when you could not take your laptop or forget to take or its out or order. In such cases, you might think that it is impossible to get any work done. But with a fold able keyboard (compatible with all major devices), you can type anything on your phone or tablet.

Above all, it is so sleek that it can be kept in your trouser pocket. This will make your life so easy that you can type and complete your work even if you are not carrying your laptop.

Foldable Wireless keyboard very cook gadget for students

Buy Saco Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad Pocket Size 

11. Fitness Wrist Band

Obviously, you must be busy but remember that to maintain and regain the energy you need to work on your fitness level. To keep a track of your health you must do regular exercise, running or any sort of exercise.

Also, keep a regular check on what you are eating and how much calories intake. The fitness wrist band comes with many features like Heart rate monitor. Time, Pedometer, Distance monitor Calorie monitor, Alarm clock, Sleep monitor, Camera remote, Calculate heart rate accurately by PPG sensor.

This fitness wrist band is a very cool gadget and act as a multipurpose device and at the same time keeps to motivated to keep a track of your health.

Innovative product for students and youths - Smart wrist band

Buy Activity Tracker cum Fitness wrist band

12. A Good Configuration Laptop

A well-configured laptop is a must for every youth. You cannot even imagine a life without a good and fast laptop. You need to prepare reports, projects, browsing content for studying and much more.

Well before buying  laptop you must analyse your need and budget. Based on that you can select the best one for you.

Dell Inspiron Laptop very useful gadget for youths

Buy Best Laptop

13. Self Help Books

When you are away from home there are times when you feel lonely, sad, confused, demotivated and you want someone to guide you and help you. Believe me, no one than some good self-help books does the wonders. They fill you with great positivity, enthusiasm, provide you with the solution you need it.

Make it a habit to read daily at least a few pages of some good books. I can name a few “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change“The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change”, “ Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude … Change Your Life”, “Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time”.

There are hundreds of books which every youth must read and get inspired. Collection of a few good books is one thing that every student needs.

self help book most useful things for students

Buy Self Help Books

 14. Photo Frame

When you are away from home, you definitely miss your near and dear ones. Isn’t it a better idea to have pictures of your loved ones in front of you to feel their presence around you. Their smiling pictures always keep you happy and motivated.

Nice photo frame with pictures of your loved ones will be an amazing thing that every student must have in his room.

useful products for students and youths - Photo Frame


Buy Solimo Collage Photo Frames (Set of 6, Wall Hanging)

15. Inspirational Posters

Every human being needs a daily dose of motivation and it’s even more for youths. They have lots of dreams and aspirations which needs to be accomplished. But the hurdles and problems give them a setback. A room with walls full of inspirational posters always keeps your motivation and zeal alive.

This is one very useful things that can make life easy for youths because when you feel low you just have a glance to these posters and feel the life in yourself again.

inspirational posters a very powerful item for students

Buy Paper Plane Design Inspirational Posters

16. Vision Board

When you are starting your career you have lots of dreams. But with the passage of time, most of them get vanished.

It has been proved that if you visualize your dreams and feel them you increase your chances to fulfill them. So you must have a vision board with pictures of all your dreams always in front of you.

The vision board always makes you remember your dreams and you will be focused to achieve them without procrastination.

A pin-up board with pictures of all your goals and dreams is a very good idea towards achieving them.

Vision board the thing which every ambitious person needs

Buy Pragati Systems Genius Pin-up Board


This article mentioned, “16 Amazingly useful products for students and youth to make life easy and organized”. But there can be more gadgets and things which may be required from person to person.

Well, things are only to make life better but the main thing is the sincerity and dedication which every youth must-have.

The students have to decide about their career very wisely. Some will choose a career based on their interest, some will plan for a startup while others will opt for a decent job.

I wish all students and youths a very bright career and would like to know your review on the products mentioned in the article.

Also would welcome the suggestions and feedback in the comments section below.

Let us know which other topics you want to more about, we will be happy to provide the content for the same.

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