Secrets for a Happy and Beautiful Life

how to live happy and beautiful life

How to live a happy life is always a million dollar question and we spend all our lives to find the “Secrets for a Happy and Beautiful Life”. This universe has granted us the most beautiful thing which is our life as human beings. We are the one who is responsible to make it happy or miserable.


What is Happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind that is within us. To make life happy and beautiful we just need a few resets in the way of living. If we research than we can find there are few key tips for a happy life or you can say habits which if followed will do wonders. With these tips we can achieve all the success, good health, better and focused mind, overall we will be evolved as a better human being in all respect. Let’s start to know the secrets to happiness or we can say ways to make life better.

Secrets for a Happy and Beautiful Life

1. Wake up early

If you start your day a little early than usual you will get those extra minutes or hours which you can use in exercising, reading, meditation, learning new skills, etc. Which you are not able to do otherwise due to short of time. Well, you can watch this very effective video by Mr.Himeesh Madan

2. Exercise

Exercise is a good way to start your day. It may be in any form, you can go to a gym, running, jogging, morning walk, yoga. Make it a point you never miss and it should be an eminent part of your day. It will keep you active and refreshed the whole day. Over a period, you can feel a major difference. You can go for basic exercising equipment to start at home.

3. Meditation

Make it a morning ritual, practice meditation daily and you will feel the magic. The benefits of meditation are huge and few of them are a calm mind, increased concentration, improved clarity, relaxation of mind, and body. Start practicing it even for 5 minutes from today and start noticing the difference.

4. Reading

This world is full of information, knowledge, and wisdom. Life is too short to learn everything. But reading is such a habit which if developed have numerous benefits that will make you improved and a better person every day. Take out time to read good books and evolve as a better human being.
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” George R.R. Martin

5. Set Goals

We all have so many goals and aspirations in life. But if you have noticed they keep changing every day in most of the cases. It’s natural, but there can be few key goals which you must find out, it’s not an easy task but few introspections can reveal those vital goals. Once you are clear about what you want to achieve you can focus on them. You can refer very good video by Mr.Deepak Bajaj on goal setting. 

6. Stop Procrastinating

We all have dreams, and we make plans to achieve them. But the habit of procrastination hampers us from achieving them. Follow a disciplined life now and enjoy the fruits in the long run. Come out of the comfort zone, bear a little pain. Believe me, this pain will give you the sweetest fruits later on and throughout your life. Well, the video by Dr.Ujjwal Patni explains it very beautifully.

7. Writing

Writing seems to be quite difficult for most of us, but believe me, it is the most important key habit if developed will give you a clarity of thought, better understanding, better memory, and so on. Start with journalizing your goals, in this way you can review and go through your goals and it will help you take the right actions to achieve them. Later you can write the learning from books, any ideas that come to your mind, and so on.

8. Positive Thinking

We always hear that we must be positive all the time but how to live a positive happy life? First, you need to do it deliberately, in any adverse situation don’t focus on the negative aspect focus on the positive may it very minor aspect, and then it will be a habit. Gradually you will focus more on the positive side of any situation or person. This will change your attitude towards life. The video by Dr.Vivek Bindra on positive thinking will inspire you for sure. There are very good books available on the topic which you must read to be optimistic and charged.

9. Be Grateful

We all have a very beautiful life. Always be grateful for everything which Nature, God, or the Universe has gifted us. There are many wonderful things in our life which we can be grateful for. But we keep complaining about the things which we don’t have. Believe it this is the law of attraction if you show gratitude you will attract all the good things to be grateful for. And if you complain or criticize all the time you will attract the same. I would strongly recommend to pick a few good books available on the topic and practice it for the life of your own choice.


This is the most difficult act for all of us. We keep the grudges in our hearts and mind and make our relationships with our friends, colleagues, loved ones a mess. Keep ego aside, ignore few things, avoid fights, communicate, and sort the issues. Forgive for a better and healthy relationship with loved ones.

I believe everyone wants to live a good and happy life, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes. Are you willing to follow through these 10 “Secrets for a happy and beautiful life” to improve the quality of your life? Do let me know what you think and share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.

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