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Google web stories

Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular Story format, allowing creators to host and own their content.  Stories that feel like yours, because they are.    Reach more people and engage your audience like never before by bringing tappable Stories to your website.

How it works?

Web Stories are a visual medium. So when it comes to creating one, first think about what people will want to see and hear  Bring your story to life  Using the tool of your choice, edit and customize your Story just how you like it.

Publish and share

Once you’re happy with your Story, you publish it to your own site, which generates a shareable link just like a blog post. Be found on Google surfaces  Your Story can then be surfaced in relevant users’ Google surfaces, like Search and Discover.

Ways to get started

There are many ways to build a Web Story by tool like-   1.Storify Me  2.Ampstor 3.MakeStories 4.Tappable Storyly 5.Use cases

Google Web Stories Management Process

Website & Blog analysis is done to plan Google Web Stories   WordPress Blog or website is optimised to create Google Web Stories   Google Analytics is setup to monitor traffic on web stories   Keywords research is done for content of Web Stories

Keywords research is done for content of Web Stories   Web Stories are Planned , Designed , Optimized and Scheduled   Promotion of Web Stories is done to gain more traffic   Competitor analysis & Web Stories Traffic analysis is done to find best working stories

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