Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

for Online Stores

Google Shopping Ads has tremendous benefits to boost sales of e-commerce stores

Let’s have a look on major benefits of Google Shopping Ads

1. Increases Your Product Visibility

The chances of your products being visible on Google Searches improves with Google Shopping Ads.

2. Automatic Ad Creation Process

Google automatically creates the ads from the product information provided in product feed and saves your cost of ad creation and targetting.

2. Gives Great Results for eCommerce Businesses

Google Shopping Ads receives a higher click through rate for products, increases your return on ad spend and improves your overall ROI across your business.

4. Competitor Analysis

Business owners can easily benchmark Google shopping campaign results against competitors.

For Google Shopping Ads you need to create a product feed and for that, you need to provide structured data for the products and this improves your SEO.

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