Essential Tech Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Have  

essential tech skills that every digital marketer should have

Essential Tech Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Have  

In 2022, digital marketing has allowed organizations to attract and retain more customers. Radio, television, and newspaper advertising are getting old, with websites and social media catching customers’ attention. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, customers now spend more time only on the internet, and their demands are higher.

For companies, increasing their brand recognition and providing better customer service can be challenging if they don’t have a good marketing team. Nowadays, digital marketers’ salaries are skyrocketing. But, to meet top-notch companies’ requirements, you must add these tech skills to your skillset. They will allow you to provide better results to help companies achieve success.

Tech Skills That Every Digital Marketer Should Have

With many companies and businesses implementing digital marketing practices and hiring digital marketing professionals, how would you as a Digital Marketer set yourself apart from your competitors?

Let’s look at the top tech skills required to become a Digital Marketing expert:

  • Social Media Marketing

Social networks have become very popular these days. Mobile apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have allowed users to get in touch with old friends, share great moments, and even buy essential products. Since customers spend more time on these platforms, companies aim to improve their strategies and provide better services. Social networks have allowed world-class companies to be more personal and increase customers’ satisfaction.

According to Hubspot’s “Not Another State of Marketing Report”, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most common social media platforms used by digital marketers. Over the years, Instagram has improved its algorithm to help companies reach bigger audiences and increase their profits. Instagram’s algorithm makes the job of finding potential customers much more comfortable.

On the other hand, Facebook offers several services for companies that allow them to improve their advertising strategies. According to Statista, Twitter’s daily active users are 166 million, and the US is the country with the most users. If you seek to learn social media marketing skills, you should visit websites like Career Karma and look for the best coding boot camps. Thinkful, for example, is a great alternative to learn in-demand digital marketing skills because the company provides students with a career support team. In other words, learning will be much more comfortable.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the most effective ways for businesses to connect with customers. It allows organizations to build lasting relationships with customers and even maximize their ROI. If you seek to show off and give a first good impression, you must send personalized messages. It will make customers feel valuable and important. Still, email marketing can be time-consuming.

Getting equipped with Python skills will help you automate some tasks you will need to accomplish during your workday. Email automation allows digital marketers to engage more customers in less time. And for companies in the online retail industry, it’s a great way to send order confirmations.

To learn Python and email marketing skills, you can enroll in online coding bootcamps. During the coronavirus lockdown, these courses played an essential role in helping unskilled workers get up-to-date. Also, online coding bootcamps are a great option for busy people as they offer part-time and self-paced courses.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Every company seeks to improve its SEO strategies as search engines improve its brand recognition. Search engine optimization also allows businesses to understand how consumers are looking for and finding information about them and their competitors. Day after day, search engines are getting better at understanding users’ search intent, and their results are now way more accurate. SEO has allowed companies to increase their profits significantly. As a result, it’s becoming a priority for every industry around the globe. According to Hubspot’s report, 64 percent of marketers said they actively invest in search engine optimization.

If you seek to provide the best result and catch employers’ attention, learning SEO skills is indispensable. According to a survey made by Hubspot in January 2020, over 52 percent of companies are investing in technical SEO updates to improve their websites. Therefore, learning not only SEO but web design skills will help you meet employers’ and customers’ needs. SEO reports tie initiatives to outcomes, and for companies, it’s playing a crucial role in achieving broader business goals.

  • Design Skills

With the coming up of more and more social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook visual content is gaining more exposure than written content. Also, videos are being loved due to higher conversion rates, better engagement, and higher SEO rankings.

As a digital marketer, you need to have videos, images, graphics for posts, blogs, and social media. So it is a best practice for digital marketers to have basic knowledge about designing software like Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Inkscape that help them in creating effective visual content.

  • Content Writing or Creating

It is said in the field of digital marketing that content is the king. Good and engaging content can easily pull a company’s target audience to the brand. Every brand or business should understand the process to created high-quality SEO-friendly content to get better audience engagement. Content creation is required at every stage of digital marketing be it blog, email, captions, Ad copies, and at many places. So content writing should be a mandatory tech skill that every digital marketer must learn and become an expert.


Staying relevant can be challenging since the digital marketing sector is highly tech-driven. However, getting equipped with these tech skills will allow you to join any marketing team and meet employers’ expectations. Learning coding skills and getting familiar with tools like WordPress will help you stand out from other professionals. It’ll also be quite handy because, nowadays, over 30 percent of the web is powered by WordPress. So if you are serious to be a digital marketer you must learn or polish the above-mentioned tech skill.

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