Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love

Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love

About Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love

India is a land of festivals, every festival holds some meaning and importance. Raksha Bandhan is known as Rakhi festival and is one of the most loved and celebrated festivals in India.

The bonding between brother and sister is really amazing and you cannot describe in words. The relationship between siblings is something which is unique and beyond anything. In India, the relationship between brother and sister is being celebrated as a festival and is called “Raksha Bandhan- The bond of Love”.

This festival is dedicated to sibling’s love and is celebrated in India and other South Asian Countries to signify the love between brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the month of Shravana which falls in the month of August on full moon day of Hindu calendar.

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

The word Raksha Bandhan is made up of two words namely “Raksha” and “Bandhan” derived from ancient language Sanskrit. In Sanskrit “Raksha” denotes the protection and “Bandhan” stands for “to tie” so it signifies “the tie or knot of protection”. The festival represents the eternal love of the brother-sister relationship. It is also a kind of family celebration and celebrated among cousins, sister and sister-in-law, fraternal aunt, maternal uncle, nephew, and other such relations.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan in India among various religions

Although the festival is celebrated mainly by the Hindus in India along with countries like Pakistan, Nepal, and Mauritius. In Jainism, the festival is celebrated where the Jain priests give ceremonial threads to the devotees. The Sikh community also celebrate this as “Rakhardi” or “Rakhari” and devote to the brother-sister love.

Raksha Bandhan History

The origin of Raksha Bandhan is known to be centuries old and there are various stories related to the celebration of this sacred festival. In addition, some stories related to this festival which are mentioned in Hindu Mythology are described below:

  • Santoshi Maa

It is there in mythological books that Lord Ganesha’s two sons Shubh and Labh were upset that they had no sister. They asked for a sister from Lord Ganesha their father, who eventually were blessed with the sister on the intervention of Narada Muni. This is how Lord Ganesha formed Santoshi Maa through the divine flames. That’s how Shubh and Labh got their sister for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

  • King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi

It is mentioned in Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana, when Lord Vishnu won the three worlds from the demon King Bali, Bali asked him to stay beside him in the palace. Lord Vishnu accepted the request and started living with the demon king. But the wife of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi wanted to return to their native place of Vaikuntha. So she tied the thread i.e. rakhi around the wrist of Bali and made him brother. So when he asked about the return gift, Goddess Laxmi asked Bali to free her husband from the vow and let them return to Vaikuntha. Demon king agreed to the request and Lord Vishnu with his wife Laxmi returned to his place.

  • Krishna and Draupadi

It is there in Mahabharata that Draupadi, wife of Pandavas tied a rakhi to Lord Krishna.

  • Yama and the Yamuna

This story says that the death God Yam did not visit his sister Yamuna for a period of 12 years and she became very upset. Ganga gave advice to Yama to meet his sister the Yamuna. When Yama arrives the Yamuna was very happy and render him very nice hospitality. On seeing that Yama got delighted and asked the Yamuna for a return gift. She stated her desire to see her brother again and again. On hearing this Yama made Yamuna immortal so that he could see her again and again. This mythological story forms the basis of the festival called “Bhai Dooj” which is also based on the brother-sister relationship.

 How we celebrate Raksha Bandhan

In this festival, the sister applies tilak on the forehead of her brother, tie a holy thread called “Rakhi” to the wrist of brother, perform aarti and offers sweets and gifts to brother. Also pray for his good health, prosperity and long life.

Brother promises to protect her in return throughout life. In return offers her a gift. This is like a family gathering, brothers, sisters, uncle, aunts, cousins gather together. If sisters are married they visit their brothers and celebrate this special festival. Also, this festival has a very important social implication in terms of respect for women.

Gifting Ideas for Brothers

Raksha Bandhan is all about the bond of love, protection, sweets, celebration, and the gifts, of course. And who loves you more than your brother who you grew up with and shared the house. This year gift your loving brother something extraordinary. Here are some gifting ideas for Rakshan Bandhan

Laptop Bags

Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love -Laptop Bag

A laptop is the most useful gadget which every brother is using and a smart bag with latest features like Anti Theft, USB charging point, Waterproof material, etc. will be the best gift you can gift your brother.

Bluetooth Headphones

Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love - Bluetooth Headphone

A good headphone will be the first choice that every brother will like. It is the most useful thing which is in demand for everyone. So, you don’t think much if this is your choice.

Smart Watches

Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love - Smart WatchesThis could be the best gift ever since you have given him. Smartwatches have so many features and every smart brother will love to carry it.

Home Gym


Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love - Home Gym

Every sister loves to see her brother healthy and smart, so a home gym will be the best gift if your brother is a fitness freak.



Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love - Kindle

If your brother is a student or fond of reading, kindle can be the perfect gift which he will surely like. Don’t think much to order one now.

Also, you can get some very good gifting ideas here.

Gifting Ideas for Sisters

In this wonderful ceremony of love and affection between brothers and sisters, the exchange of Rakhi Gifts plays an essential role. As a token of love, gifts are believed to strengthen the bonding. We can preserve them for a lifetime along with sweet memories which both brother and sister cherish. But brothers if you are scratching your head about what to gift your dear sister this Raksha Bandhan 2019 then here are some gifting ideas for sisters.


Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love - Handbags

Every girl is crazy about handbags. A good handbag will be the best gift you can give this Rakha Bandhan to your dear sister.


Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love - Watches

Watch is an evergreen gift for which you don’t need to give much thought to go. Go for a good watch your sister will surely love it.



Raksha Bandhan – ThBond of Love - Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be a unique gift that you can give to your sister. This can be a perfect gift if you are not able to select something right at the moment.

Air Fryer

Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love - Air Fryer

Every girl loves to eat but at the same time is very conscious about health as well. So air fryer is the perfect gift to help your sister to be healthy and fit.

Beewax Candles


Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love - Beewax Candles

If you are really looking for something unique then I must recommend trying these Beewax candles. A few days back I got this as a gift. I must say that this is one of the best gifts I have ever got. You can use the code “love15” to get a discount of 15%. These are not ordinary candles but comes with the goodness of aromatherapy and aromatic fragrance.

Well,  there can be infinite ideas and things which can be looked around. I tried to give you an idea which may be helpful. Gifts are ways to show your brother and sister that you love and value them.

Celebrate “Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love” with lots of energy, fun, togetherness and enjoy with your loved ones.

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