Powerful Strategies To Promote Educational Institutes On Low Budget

online strategies to promote educational institutes on budget

It is a costly affair to promote educational institutes with the traditional way of marketing.

Similar to other businesses, educational institutes also need to market their brand. You also have competitors in the market and you need to compete with them. After all, you also need to attract more students to your educational institute be it school, college, coaching, training center, or any institute.

In this blog “Powerful Strategies To Promote Educational Institutes on Low Budget” I am going to share very effective and powerful strategies to promote educational institutes on a low budget.

So let’s start….

Low Budget Strategies to Promote Educational Institutes

digital marketing strategies to grow educational institutes

1. Create A Website

Everyone is having a smartphone and every search starts from there only. People trust the educational institute which has a web presence. To have a web presence you must have a mobile-friendly website. If your mobile is not user-friendly, you are going to miss a majority of the target audience since most of them are surfing the web on smartphones only.

Everyone tends to visit the website to know more about the institute before making the final decision. Your website should be properly optimized in terms of On-Page SEO incorporating all the Google raking factors to be visible on the searches.

A decent website with a proper display of relevant information about your educational institute is one of the best strategies to promote an educational institute. It should be user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and fast to keep the user coming back to your website.

2. Social Media Marketing

To generate high-quality leads, you need to be active on social media. In the generation of smartphones and the internet majority of the population and most specifically youth are spending a large amount of time browsing social media. If you really want to promote your educational institute you must be active on all the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You should provide real value to your audience to develop trust.

Educational Institutes can provide helpful information about courses, programs, admission dates, procedures, and more using social media platforms. You can host live Q&As with faculty or past and prospective students. You can collaborate with social media influencers. These are the people with huge social media followings. They can increase your content with their followers, out of them may be few of them will be interested to get admission to your educational institute.

Social Media marketing requires your efforts of regular content creation and posting organically. This should be a continuous process to grow your audience based on your content without spending any money.

And if you have a sufficient budget and want immediate leads then you must try to run Facebook Ads. But to run Facebook Ads you must have a clear marketing strategy for your educational institute. Running Facebook Ads is a specialized skill so for that you can hire a digital marketing agency or Facebook Ad Specialist.

3. Local SEO to promote Educational Institutes

local seo to promote educational institutes

Local SEO is one of the best strategies to promote educational institutes. Since most of your target audience will be local so focussing on the local area will be a must. If your local SEO is properly done, you will keep on adding leads on regular basis.

There are various strategies and techniques to improve Local SEO. Most importantly for local SEO, you need to have a Google My Business listing. Other activities include citations in local directories, writing content focusing on local areas, etc.

Read here to know more about Local SEO for Schools.

You can yourself implement Local SEO strategies but definitely, it is going to take a lot of your time. But to save your time you can hire a Local SEO services agency to handle all your needs.

4. Video Marketing

Videos catch a lot of attention from the viewers. So it is obviously one of the best ways of marketing. People love to see videos and above all, it leaves a long-lasting impact on users’ minds.

Video content is easy to absorb and remember too. The reason is very simple because we humans are visual creatures and absorb visual content more effectively.

You can easily create videos these days with the help of many easy-to-use tools like In video etc… These videos can be used for video marketing on various platforms.

Video marketing is very effective because it makes it much easier for an educational institute to show off your institute’s personality. And thereby allowing viewers to connect with you more successfully, enable you to engage with them on a personal level. This you cannot do with the text content.

Above all youth, love to watch videos on smartphones. There are huge topics on which you can create video content like institute’s tour, event coverage, live interaction, review sharing of old students, and so on.

The best way is you can create a YouTube channel to share useful information in the form of videos. This way educational institutes can easily promote themselves among the targeted audience.

5. Segmented Email Marketing

Email marketing plays a very prominent role in promoting educational institutes. But it is not a good idea to send the generic email to prospective students.

You must segment your email list so you can send better and effective personalized emails. You can use very powerful email marketing tools like GetResponse, ConvertKit, etc. to automate your email marketing.

The information provided by them while opting in can be used and segment your list accordingly so they all get only relevant content.

6. Paid Marketing

Organically you can promote your education institute, but it needs dedicated and regular efforts to get the result. This may take 3-6 months to see the visible rankings and results. But if you are looking to see instant leads and have a budget you can go for paid advertising. This is a way to show your ads on platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Although running ads on these platforms need expertise.

You can hire a digital marketing agency to run PPC ads, social media ads, or YouTube Ads to get these services effectively and economically.


The traditional marketing ways are very expensive and are not effective in this digital age. You can mix both traditional and digital marketing to promote your educational institute.

Most educational institutions have already put their steps into digital marketing. With the very least effort, you can generate a decent amount of leads.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog “Powerful Strategies To Promote Educational Institutes on Low Budget”. Try implementing these budget strategies to promote your educational institute.

Still, you need any help you can hire InfoTalks to perform these services for your educational institute.

Our team of marketing experts can leverage your marketing efforts to boost your admissions and enrolment. Find you how you can improve your online marketing strategy on a low budget by contacting us at InfoTalks today.

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