How to Make Money Online: 21 Proven Legit Ways To Make Money Online

How to make money online: 21 proven legit ways to make money online

The most popular search on google is How to make money online? The Internet has made online earning very popular. Yet people are not aware of the legit ways to make money online. “How to make money online: 21 proven legit ways to make money online” will give you all the related information and will be very useful if you are really serious to make money work from home options.

Online earning has gained popularity since the internet has become readily available. Still, people find it difficult to find legit sites and authentic ways to earn money online from home without investment.

A wide range of opportunities to work from home for people with different skill set are available online

Making money online is easy if you are really putting in the efforts that are needed. You must be a good learner and able to frame the right strategy to accomplish your goals.

I have seen many people fail to make money online because they don’t have enough knowledge and they don’t spend time learning the system and process.

Before starting the work, spare a few hours or days to learn and understand the ways to earn money online.

Here I am going to present:

How to make money online: 21 proven legit ways to make money online

  1. Earn money through Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of earning money online. If you own a blog or website you can earn money by putting in quality content in that. Once you start getting ample visitors on your blog you can apply for google AdSense. After the approval, you will start getting ads on your blog and you will be paid for it.

One more way to earn via the blog is by putting the affiliate links and as you make any sell you will get the commission out of that.

The only criteria to maintain a blog is that you must be able to provide fresh quality content and people must love to visit your blog.

I recommend you read How to create a WordPress Blog in easy steps: Complete guide for beginners in 2019. By following the steps mentioned in the article you can easily create your own blog and in the later step, you need to set up a WordPress blog. For a blog to go live you need to have good hosting and domain for which you must understand how to choose the best web hosting.

  1. Online Surveys and Research

This is the most popular form of online jobs from home for students. As students often spare time to make money is by filling the online surveys. To complete a small survey it takes 5 -20 minutes depending upon the requirement of a particular company. You just have to choose your option from the question and there is no need to write anything. Research companies keep recruiting new members across the world to answer surveys and test new products.

Just spare a few minutes of form filling and you can make $1 to $20 depending on the length of the survey and other things like profile and country you are living in.

A few good ones to try are: ClixSense, Neobux, Global Test Market, Toluna, Spider Matrix, Telly PulsePermission Research, India Speaks

Also, Swagbucks is one of the best company where you will get regular surveys. Here you can earn money not only from surveys but from shopping online, searching the web, and watching videos.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

In the age of the internet if you have a good presence on social media you can earn well from affiliate marketing.  It will be much better if you have a blog or a website. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of earning online money. In affiliate marketing, you promote the products and services online via blog or social media and in return, you can earn 4% to 20% commission or even more.

If you are really serious about earning money online & you can work hard to make big income then affiliate marketing is for you.

The scope of affiliate marketing has increased manifold because of the high growth of online shopping.

There are several online merchants like Amazon, FlipkartClickbankCJ, JVzoo, etc. where you can signup & promote their products.

  1. Freelancing

One of the most popular ways to make money after blogging and affiliate marketing is freelancing. As a freelancer, you can work for others on a temporary basis and provide them your services. Perhaps you are good at writing, managing Facebook pages, graphic design, and other things you can earn a decent amount by working as a freelancer. The best thing is that you can work for the clients in the US, UK, Canada, or around the world with just a laptop and an Internet connection at the comfort of your home and with no time barriers.

Freelancers can earn $500 to $2000+ per month depending on your experience and the type of work you will do for your client.

Now there are several popular websites like, UpWork, WorkNHire, etc.

  1. Become a You Tuber

Nowadays everyone is watching YouTube videos and its searches have increased very much. YouTube is one of the hottest ways to earn money online. If you can create quality videos with good content you can start your YouTube channel and with the YouTube partner program can make money online easily.

You can create videos on any niche like technology, travel, education, comedy, news, or any topic which people may be interested in.

As you get the required subscriber and views for your channel you can apply for the YouTube partner program. Once you get the approval you will start getting ads on your videos. Here, you will make money for each views your video receive.

  1. Online Selling

Online selling is most popular and it is not like traditional selling. In traditional selling, you have a very limited scope to sell as you have only the local market to sell. But in online selling, you can sell your product across the boundary and have an unlimited scope in the country and maybe the world.

You can sell online in two ways:

  • Create your own website: Here you can sell your products online on your own website. Either you may have your own products or you can procure products from a local manufacturer, vendor, etc. And sell them via your own website.
  • Sell via online portals: In this way, you can become a seller on any popular shopping portal like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, etc.. Here you simply have to register as seller and you can start selling. This option is much better as here you need not have to work on marketing as they already have a big user base which will buy your product as well. Now the question here is what I am going to sell as I am not a manufacturer. So the answer is you need not be a manufacturer, you can just pick good stuff from distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc. They provide good discounts and you can easily sell those products at a higher price via online portals and earn money. It will really work well if you have a unique range of products.
  1. Domain Trading

If you can make some investment to buy domains than domain trading is also a very high-profit business that will make you earn good money.

But this business requires some sort of expertise which you can learn easily.

You can buy domains from GoDaddy or other registrars in few bucks and sell later to the person who desperately needs that for hundreds of dollars. You must be skilled to identify and pick good domains that are not booked yet, in future companies surely try to buy that domain.

When any person or companies don’t get the domain of their choice and you have that one. They contact the domain owner for the deal and you can demand the price which you want. You can sell your domains through auctions where people buy directly at your desired price.

  1. Website Flipping

Similar to domain trading, website flipping is also a good way to make money online. Here you sell websites but not the domains.

You need to have knowledge of this way of earning. First, you need to create a blog or website, work on it for 3-6 months or more in order to make money from the website.

Once you are able to catch the visitors and start earning for a few months, you can put the site on auction. This you can do on Empire Flippers, Flippa, etc. Normally people earn 15-20 times the price of your monthly income from that blog or website.

This is usually popular because it is much easier to grow old sites than creating a new site and take it to the level it generates income.

  1. Stock and Forex Trading

Stock and Forex trading in very lucrative but not necessarily an easy and safe way to earn money online. You may suffer serious losses if you don’t have proper knowledge and expertise in trading.

There are several courses available for share trading which claim to train online trading.

You can learn from the reading newspaper like Economic Times or through TV channels like CNBC to polish your knowledge.

But I again warn you that it is risky to enter into this without sufficient knowledge.

  1. Online Training

The training industry always has great scope. When it comes to online training it even has a big potential. If you have expertise in any skill like Spoken English, Feng Shui, Computer Skills, etc. you can easily train people online and make a good source of income.

You can promote the business via social media and can get registration from any part of the country or even world.

If you are able to maintain the quality and gain good reviews you can grow this exponentially.

  1. Writing & Selling E-Books

This is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to make money online.

Since you have good knowledge of any topic like Blogging, Health, Education, Any skill, Cooking, Travel, Law of attraction, or anything you can leverage your idea into creating a wonderful e-book that will help you make handsome money.

A great mistake people do is that they think they cannot write or not good enough to write a book. But believe me, if you are good at something then try to put that knowledge in an e-book. It will give you a sense of satisfaction along with good revenue.

  1. Selling Photos Online

If you are a little creative and can click good pictures of things, places, home, nature, animals, dishes, or anything you can sell them online.

A good starting point is Adobe Stock or Getty Images.

There are several popular sites like Photobucket, ShutterstockFotolia, iStockPhoto,  where you can upload your photos. As and when any customer wants to purchase your photos, you will get the money out of that. One good thing is that you will get paid multiple times for the same photos.

  1. Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is the way to provide your writing service to someone who is usually already very famous but doesn’t have time or skills themselves to write a book, article, stories, or other texts. The author who provides the service is called the “ghost-writer”.

Ghostwriting is a very easy a legit way to earn money online. It is very similar to writing for blogs. However, ghostwriting requires great efforts, attention to detail, and is a bit longer process.

Ghostwriters get the money depending on the kind of writing they are assigned to do. Mostly ghostwriting requires the signing of the contract to ensure the privacy and protection of the company’s rights.  Ghostwriting is an excellent way to improve your writing skills without the pressure of suffering the criticism of your writing.

  1. SEO Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process through which a website gets higher organic search results in search engines like Google.

In digital marketing, and SEO optimized website attracts more visitors which may potentially turn into customers. SEO improves the organic ranking in search engines via keyword and long-tail key phrases that people use in making searches. This is a skill and a person must have expert knowledge in the area.

An SEO expert must have an understanding of many aspects that constitutes SEO. Companies and online clients are in need of someone who offers this service to them. The demand for SEO services is increasing tremendously and an expert in the field can earn a very high income.

This is not a regular task but a continuous job. You can work for many clients at the same time provided you are able to deliver the desired results. If you are not able to give results client may quickly drop you.

  1. Voice Overwork

The earlier voice-over was one of the production techniques in film making, TV production. But with the videos and animations presence all over the advertising, marketing, and social media platforms the voice-over artists are getting more advantage. Voice over artists is paid per project or per minute of voice over. There is no limit of voice over jobs the artists can take.

The main advantage is that you don’t have to go anywhere else to do the auditions. You can record at home, in the office or any place where you have access to the right tools for quality sound recording. The only requirement is that your voice needs to match up with the requirement of the client. It is necessary to have high-quality audio recording equipment to produce the desired result.

  1. Online Courses

There are several platforms like,, etc which allows specialized persons to sell their courses online.

We have very talented people who have a skill or subject of expertise they could teach. But not everyone gets the opportunity to teach online. But there is some platform like Udemy where you can monetize your expertise through creating online courses.

Udemy is an online platform for specialized instructors and experts who can teach and for anyone who wants to learn a certain topic or course.

They provide you free to use course design tool enabling you to focus on content. So creating an online course for Udemy is easy if you have proper knowledge and strategy of what you are going to teach.

  1. Creating Apps

An application or in a short app is a computer program designed to run on computers and mobile devices. You must have coding experience in order to create an app, so this is not an easy thing to do.

There are few ways through which you can earn via apps like in-app purchases, in-app advertising, CPI (Cost per install).

Apps are a good source of earning money online if you have a great idea for an app that hits one of the three E’s (education, entertainment, efficient). If your app gets hit there are chances that will earn a good income as there are millions of people who are looking for a new and better application to install on their device.

  1. Podcasts

Creating and selling podcasts is a very emerging way of making money online.

Podcasting is a good way for people to associate with their audience.

Nowadays so many You Tubers have a second channel dedicated mainly to Podcasts. Podcasts are basically recordings of yourself discussing something, or discussions between 2 or more people which are available to download online for the audience to listen to.

If you can produce good quality content audio recordings. Then there is plenty of opportunities for you being found and remarked on platforms like iTunes which has 800 million accounts or SoundCloud which 250 million users.

If you choose to monetize your podcasts, you have several options available.

Once you decide the Podcast platform you will have the option to either make your podcast for free download or for a fee. If you want to maximize your reach make your download available for free which most top podcasters do. Later use paid sponsorship within their opening or closing credits.

One more option is to advertise a digital or physical product or service either your own or a third party. If the user purchases the recommended product you can earn a substantial referral fee.

  1. Dropshipping E-commerce Business

This is the most common and legit way to make money online from home. It has good returns and less risky way to earn money.

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the merchant (the e-commerce website owner) does not keep any products or stock but instead transfers the order details to the supplier (drop shipping warehouse) to fulfill the orders for them. The supplier remains totally invisible to the end customer in this whole process.

Anyone can start the dropshipping business with some investment. You just need the supplier who can drop-ship the products you want to sell. Then you need to build an n e-commerce website on which you display the products. Here I will recommend Shopify for this. Every time you get an order and receive the payment for the customer, you pass the details to the supplier and pay them. Then they pick, pack and deliver the order to the customer for you.

There are several courses and content available on the internet where you can get more in-depth knowledge before heading into this.

  1. Web Design Business

Web design business can be very lucrative but not suitable for everybody. To start this web design business a set of skills, experience and intelligence are required.

If you can acquire the required skills or can hire someone with the skills you can start this web design business. Along with this, you need to have good marketing skills in order to generate business and attract more clients.

Almost every business needs a website to promote and market themselves to sell online. Normally a business website is updated regularly so repeat business is also very good.

There are several associated complimentary services like logo designing, SEO, SMM, web hosting, etc. which you can always offer and earn some good money. Here the customer will also be happy as he does not have to go to different providers for these services.

This you can start from your home and need not have to go to customers and perform the whole business online.

  1. Consultancy Service

Become a consultant, sell your advice and knowledge to many other people. To become a consultant you need not necessarily be a super expert in one domain. You just have to be better than the person seeking consultation.

You can easily work as a consultant or build your consultancy service business and find clients online if you have core competitive skills. For example, if you are a finance or legal professional, then you can create your website and start attracting clients online.

But don’t you ever expect to make instant money without having any skills. You can learn new skills that can make money online or monetize your existing skills.

Here in this article “How to make money online: 21 proven legit ways to make money online”, I have tried to mention all the legitimate ways to make money online.

Although there are numerous other ways to make money online. But it is my advice that before trying any method first get all the information, feedback, and reviews so that you do not fall into any spam, fake or fraud.

All the above ways to make money online are tested and legit but there is no instant formula to generate money. It works but takes time and effort. So start taking action now.

Hope this article could help you in some way. Please comment me in the section below about your feedback, suggestions or queries.

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