10X Your Online Sales Using Google Shopping (2022)

increase online sales for online stores using google shopping

10X Your Online Sales Using Google Shopping (2022)

We all do online shopping. It is easy, convenient, and fast. You must also be doing online shopping, isn’t it? The problem arises when you want to shop among a variety of brands and models since you have to bounce between different e-commerce sites.

Here comes the online shopping portals or marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, and of course Google Shopping.

Although Google shopping is not exactly an online market place still it allows you the same feature to browse a number of products based on their search query.

This is very helpful for retailers as well because when a buyer clicks on a product link, they will be directed to the website of the retailer where they can make the purchase.

You are really missing out on your sales if you are not using Google Shopping to promote your products. Read on this blog “10X Your Online Sales using Google Shopping (2022)” to help to better understand Google Shopping and get started with it.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a comparison shopping engine (CSE), a service that allows retailers to present their products to searchers in a visually attractive way.

That is, when someone searches for a product you sell, Google displays corresponding Shopping ads for your products and those of your competitors.

When the user clicks on your ad, Google redirects them directly to the product page.

Example of Google Shopping ads

google shopping ads through google merchant center

The image above shows product ads for the search query “shirt” at the right-hand side of the page.

Google shopping results show up in the form of a carousel. Every shopping ad consists of an image, product title, price, retailer name, and sometimes some retailer-specific information such as shipping costs or reviews.

How Does Google Shopping Work?

Google Shopping Ads work in a very different manner than the regular Google Search Ads. The process goes like this:

  1. In the first step, the algorithm of Google processes product feed which is a special file containing data of your store’s product data like title, images, price, description, etc.
  2. This data is being used by Google to match your products with the relevant searches and also to create the actual ads.
  3. Here is how people see Shopping Ads relevant to their search query that displays the title, image price, and related information of the product.
  4. In this step, people click on your ad if they like your product and are directed to your website.
  5. And for this Google charges for the clicks.

What are the Benefits of Google Shopping?

1. Google Shopping Brings More Qualified Clicks

Google Shopping usually brings in more qualified clicks. Similar to a regular text ad in Google Search, you only pay when someone clicks on a Google Shopping ad. Text ads can be tricky because not only do you have to be appealing in the few characters you have available, but you also have to try to drive only qualified clicks to your website. Paying for irrelevant clicks turns any Google Ads campaign into a waste of money.

Google shopping is the best way if you are running an e-commerce store and want to make sure you are paying only for the clicks. It is because when people search for products you are dealing in they will instantly see the products with title, image, price, and other information like shipping, offers, etc. Along with this, it will be seen next to other similar products too.

When someone clicks on your shopping ad must have some interest and all the relevant details are displayed up front and alongside other options. It is not like a text ad because here searchers get specific details available in front of them even before you pay for the customer to click.

2. More Conversion Rates as a Result of Better User Experience

The overall user experience of Google Shopping is also much more streamlined than regular search ads. When someone clicks on your Shopping ad, they are taken directly to the appropriate product page. They do not have to click around your website to find what they are looking for.

Instead, the process is made extremely easy for them. This is a great feature of Google Shopping because it helps optimize the conversion process. Being redirected directly to a product page means fewer clicks to the point of sale, which means your customer is less likely to get annoyed with your site and leave! This leads to a higher cost per conversion and a better return on investment overall.

3. Strong and Clear Customer Intent

Google shopping is very beneficial for business owners because of its strong and clear customer intent.

Shopping ads are designed to be displayed when a user’s search query indicates that they want to buy something. Instead of paying for broad clicks that occur via search queries like “How can I…” and “What is a…”, you are paying for people who have already opened their wallets. It’s this factor of intent that makes shopping ads stand out a little more than search. Combine this with how the ads are displayed and where they are subsequently redirected to – and you have all the right ingredients for a high ROI.

4. Goals Tailored Down to the Product

Google Shopping campaigns group products together instead of a campaign that groups keywords together. It allows you to advertise and put into a structure best suitable for a business.

The best thing about the Google Shopping campaign is that it groups products together in the context of Sales goals and optimize from there. Here you have control over what you are paying for the traffic to your products. As a result, you can get revenue from that products and traffic. This promises you better ROAS and a clear insight into your customer’s behavior.

How to Add Products to Google Shopping?

The first step is to have an online store that is submitted to Google Search Console.

Now with the same email id as in your Google search console, register a Google Merchant Centre Account.

Complete the Business profile and submit your website address which will be verified automatically on submission as it’s submitted to Google Search Console.

Now you have to create Product Feeds that link to your online store, there are many ways depending on the platform you are using for your online stores like Shopify, WordPress, or Vanijya.

Once Free Listing is enabled by Google your products will start showing up on Google shopping.

Google Shopping Ads can be run easily but only with Enhanced Listing.

Let’s understand the process in detail.

Pre -Requisite for Google Shopping

  • Online Store submitted to Google Search Console.
  • Gmail ID as used in Google Search Console to register Free Google Merchant Centre Account.

Register for Google Shopping

Assuming you have an online store Like :

  • Woocommerce Store ( Store using WordPress )
  • Shopify Store
  • Customized Online Store
  • Vanijya FREE Store

You have created a new Gmail id to register Store or can use any existing Gmail id.

Link to Register Google Merchant Centre  https://merchants.google.com/

Login with the above Gmail ID and follow the Steps.

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Ways to Submit Product Feeds

We will see how to submit Feeds in any Online Store usually in Customised Store

Which is either of the below :

  • Woocommerce Store ( Store using WordPress )
  • Shopify Store
  • Vanijya FREE Store

In the above Stores, it’s easy to submit Feeds which we will discuss in the detailed blogs.

  1. Google Sheets – This can be done using Existing Google Sheets or by creating a New Google sheet from the format opened…
  2. Scheduled fetch – Here you will create an XML or TXT file on some web server that can be uploaded using ftp, http,https or sftp where you can schedule the file updated.
  3. Uploads – Most commonly used way where you can create an Excel Sheet with a format by Google and then save it as TXT ( Tab delimited), then upload it.
  4. Content API – This can be used only one time to link a content API which will fetch the data from the source or database only with Customised Stores as it is enabled in other store options automatically.

Structure to submit the Product Feeds

Compulsory Fields ( for FREE Listing ) :

  • id   — Unique ID for your product  50 size max
  • title — Name of Product  150 size max
  • description — about the product 5000 size max
  • link — Link of product on the store
  • price — MRP of product
  • availability —  in stock, Out of stock, preorder ( only from these options )
  • image link — Link of the product image on the store

One more field which should be added is :

  •  sale_price  — This price is less than MRP which shows the discount offered
  • Additional_​​​image_​​​link — This can be used if you want to add more images with comma-separated max size 2000.

Fields for Enhanced Listing:

  • Condition
  • Brand
  • Size ( applies to Apparel & Accessories )
  • Color ( applies to Apparel & Accessories )
  • MPN ( if it’s not a Brand then a Unique Code ) or GTIN ( provided by Brand Manufacturer )
  • Gender ( applies to Apparel & Accessories )
  • Age Group ( applies to Apparel & Accessories )

Item Based Shipping or Generalised Shipping which needs to be mentioned in Shipping Policy on Online Store

Complete Google Merchant Center Profile with Business details.

Additional Info For Enhanced Listing

Pages with below Links & Proper Content ( refer https://mystiquezone.com )

  • About Store
  • Refunds & Returns Page
  • Payments Page
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy

No blank or dead links on Online Store

Shopping cart and payment gateway working on Online Store

Popular Online Store Creation Platform which can be linked to Google Merchant Centre using Content API feeds

Using these platforms you don’t need to create Feeds manually as shown in the ways to create Feeds.

Shopify Store 

In Shopify, Content API is used and you need to connect to Google through Shopify Panel.

Here you don’t need to create Feeds manually as shown in the ways to create Feeds.

Woocommerce Store (WordPress)

In WordPress, a Plugin “Product Feed pro” is used to set up data transfer to GMC  

Here you will create a Project with XML format and select your frequency as per your product updates.

Then link the Products fields one time and get an XML file link.

Now you will use the “Scheduled Fetch” Option and save the XML file link, this will automatically keep the products info updated as per the frequency updated.

Vanijya Store ( FREE Online Store creation Platform )

In Vanijya again Content API is used in a much simple manner and the best part is you can:

  1. Create a FREE online store using this app.
  2. Buy a domain name and link the store.
  3. Create Google Merchant Centre and with a simple authorization to the Gmail account linked to Google Merchant Center, your products are submitted to Google Merchant Centre.
  4. You can run Shopping ads using this platform too for FREE.
  5. It provides all facilities which help you get your online store and products approved on Google Merchant Center.


Google Shopping is the best way to market your products online for online stores. It’s almost like a digital mall – customers can enter, search for what they want, and see many different brands and product types on one screen. For this reason, many people prefer marketplaces to shop for products on a standalone e-commerce site.

If your physical products are not showing up in Google Shopping results, you should add this tool to your marketing strategy. Not only will it increase traffic to your website, but it will also get you leads and sales that you might not have received otherwise.

By learning what Google Shopping is and its benefits to online stores, you can start advertising on the platform. So if you have not yet started with Google Shopping, it is the right time to implement Google Shopping to 10X your online sales.

You can watch the full playlist on Google Merchant Center here.

If it seems difficult for your to start, InfoTalks is India’s leading digital marketing agency ready to help you with its Google Merchant Center Management Services.

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