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Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center helps people discover, explore, and buy your products.

Google Merchant Centre helps you add your shop and product information to Google and make it available to buyers through Google. This means that all the information about your stores and products will be available to customers when they search through a Google property.  

Google Shopping buyers

Why Does A Business Need Google Merchant Center?

For any business that sells online or wants to sell their products online, Google Merchant Center is the right tool. The Merchant Center account comes with a great advantage: it is the gateway to promoting your products with Google Shopping. It allows you to store important product information that you need to create and present your product ads to potential customers.


The main benefit of Google Merchant Center is that you can submit comprehensive and accurate ads for your products to Google Shopping.  You can then edit them in real-time, so your visitors always have access to valid information.


 Also, you will not be able to create product ads if you do not store enough product information in your GMC account.


Google Merchant Center is one of the tools you need if you sell products directly to consumers. It should be an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy.


If you are not yet using Google Shopping to reach more online shoppers and increase your sales, now is a great time to start.

Google Shopping increases your brand’s visibility on Google and can drive highly qualified leads to your website.


One of the best ways to get the most out of this tool is to work with a professional Google Merchant Center Management Services Company. 

InfoTalks offer the  Google Merchant Center Management Services in India and overseas to ensure more leads and higher conversions.

Google Merchant Center Management Process

Online Store analysis is done to quality Google Merchant Center Requirements

E-Commerce Store is optimised based on Google Merchant Center Terms

Google Merchant Center Account is Optimised and Disapproved products are Analysed

E-Commerce Store and Google Merchant Center is Re-Created from A to Z

Google Merchant Center is submitted for Approval

Changes are done based on any query or issue by Google Merchant Center Team

Google Merchant Center is up and running and you can start running shopping Ads