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One-on-One Digital Marketing Mentorship to Build your Personal & Professional Brand

Mentoring enhances your career advancement potential and chances for success. Our one-on-one digital marketing mentorship program will help you to build your personal and professional brand in a much faster way.

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Why One-on-One Digital Marketing Mentorship?

It is very important to have the right guidance and hand-holding at the early stage of your career for career advancement. Not only in the career advancement but while during your career you feel to change or move ahead you need to improve upon your skills. And here you need some mentor to guide you. A good mentor assists students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and startup owners with their professional evolution.


This is a rapidly changing world and things are moving very fast. A good mentor will accelerate the learning curve. It will take a very long time to learn in your own way but a mentor will reduce it to the least.


Students, Professionals, Business Owners may have different goals but the main aim is to build their personal and professional brand for a better job, role, and business growth respectively. Not everyone can be fit under the same mode of training. So One-on-One Digital Marketing Mentorship is the right way to get trained.


Here you will get a customized program specially designed for you. You will be given complete hand-holding, guidance, support, and a plan to implement the right strategies for your brand building which will be helpful in your career development.

Offerings in One-on-One-Digital Marketing Mentorship Program

He will analyse and understand your requirement and goal.

Mentor will customize a custom program for your development.

He will conduct a social media and website audit.

Mentor will put together a marketing plan for new products and services.

Help you build a new website.

Guide you to put together a content plan.

He will review the customer’s path to purchase.

Review your marketing funnels and identifies improvements.

Help you develop a lead magnet to optimize the organic traffic that you were already getting.

Guide you to channel and marketing recommendations to increase your pipeline and improve conversions.

He will advise and support you on where to get the information you need to progress this.

Take a basic look at internal systems and processes around technology & workflow.

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Meet Your Mentor

Gaurav is an entrepreneur, blogger, consultant, and trainer.

He is a certified Digital Marketing Expert. He is a technophile with a great passion to guide and mentor people by sharing his learning and experience which he has gained over a period of 17+ years since he started his career. 

He has trained 5000+ students through his courses on several platforms. He has consulted clients from various verticals like e-commerce, hospitals, educational institutes, manufacturing units, start-ups, and many more.

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