10 Reasons – Why You Should Build an Email list (Blog Subscriber)

reason every business should build email list

For bloggers, email is still one of the most effective and economical forms of communicating with their readers.

An email list can get you extraordinary results with improved website traffic and revenue.

So building an email list is very important for a blogger and a business owner with a website.

In this blog, I am going to explain what is an email list? and the benefits of building an email list right away.

What is an Email List?

An email list is a list of your blog subscribers with their names and email addresses. So an email list is simply a list of people who have:

  • Subscribed to your blog website to stay updated.
  • Purchased any of your products and services and opted-in for any future updates.
  • Opted-in to receive a freebie or giveaway in the form of a sample, course, e-book, etc.

The blog subscribers have given their consent to you to send those emails pertaining to new blog posts, updates, newsletters, business announcements, or promotions for your products and services.

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10 Reasons to Build an Email list (blog subscriber)

The importance of building an email list cannot be underestimated. Still, there are many bloggers and business owners who are not giving due importance to email marketing.

Since email subscribers have willingly opted-in to join your email list, so they are very likely to convert into paying customers. In fact, most of the business email list gets 10 times higher conversions than social media campaigns.

This itself shows how email marketing can be a powerful way of marketing and hence building an email list is very much important.

Let’s understand why you should build an email list.

1. Personalized and Targeted Content

Nobody will be interested in reading an email that is not at all relevant to them. Email marketing has the capability to segment your subscribers into different lists based on their preferences.

In this way, you can send personalized emails only to targeted or segmented customers. This is only with the email list you can send the perfect subject lines, relevant images, and rightly crafted valuable content to help your audience.

With the available marketing tools, you can easily segment the email list and accordingly personalize the emails.

2. Build Credibility

It is obvious that when you get emails from an unknown sender, you might be irritated and don’t open the email. Also, you will unsubscribe from the list too.

But when you get an email from someone to whom you have subscribed, you are going to click it and open it for sure. When you have subscribed you will get the mail in the inbox rather than in the spam folder. So email lists build credibility and a better chance to get clicks on an email.

3. Improve Brand Recognition

With email marketing, every business or blogger can brand the emails. You can build your brand recognition by providing valuable content to your audience. People will wait for your emails and recognize your brands when they keep on getting valuable content via emails consistently.

Emails can be used to get useful feedback on your brand. You can start a survey, poll, or start a discussion on social media. Once the audience participates in the process you will get to know exactly what content they are looking for in your emails.

4. Boost Sales

An email list can boost your sales in many ways. As per a report from Direct Marketing Association, nearly 66% of consumers have made a purchase online based on an email marketing message.

When you have an email list you can sell products, boost referrals, make new sales to existing customers, and can re-engage customers that have not purchased from you in a while. The reader will more likely to take an action when they get the relevant information in the form of an email.

5. Develop Strong Customer Relationship

A properly segmented email list can help you develop strong customer relationships by providing them the information directly into their inbox on a regular basis. When a reader keeps on getting valuable tips, birthday gift coupons, discount offers, etc. they will definitely be going to help you to develop a strong relationship with them.

Gradually they will begin to seek more information pertaining to your products and services and eventually end up buying.

6. Email Marketing has a High ROI

Usually, people go to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc. when they expect a good return on investment. The reason is they are popular platforms and can target your potential customers easily. But still, email marketing offers the highest ROI as compared to other channels. In fact, it is twice as good as other methods of digital marketing.

7. Email List is a Lifelong Asset for Your Business

It may seem irrelevant initially, but when you have a list with a decent number of people it will be a lifelong asset for your business. Even if you have a good following on social media, it is not as good as an email list. Building social media following is like building a house on rented land. The land is not yours and can be taken away instantly. As an e.g. you can look at TikTok or Google+.

But an email list is your asset and with email marketing, you have control over it and the choice to use it in the most effective way.

8. Saves Your Time and Money

Every business owner cannot afford the paid advertisement on Social media or Google. When you have an email list, it will save your marketing cost and time.

The cost associated with email marketing is very low. When it comes to time, email marketing can be put on autopilot mode. Good email marketing tools like GetResponse and Converkit have features to segment, personalize and schedule the emails to get better responses.

9. Report Analysis and Desired Action

With email marketing, you have the opportunity to see the report of customers opening your emails. When they know the sender they will decide to open it or ignore it and a good open rate indicates that the viewers know your brand and want to read the content.

Now the next analysis is of the click-through rate (CTR) which gives you a good idea of how many customers took time to read your email to click on the links within.

Once a subscriber has clicked through your email, preferably the next goal is to provide them with the right call to action.

So an email list allows you to analyze the reports and based on that you should take the right action.

10. More Traffic to Website

Email lists help you get more traffic to the website. With email campaigns, you can drive traffic to your website. It is helpful to any sort of business like eCommerce, product-based company, service-based company, or any retail store. When you have more traffic to your website, you are surely going to have more leads and sales consistently.


By now you have understood the importance of building an email list. It does not matter what kind of business you have or what kind of industry you are in. If you have a website and want to turn your visitors into your customers or returning customers you need them to opt-in to your email list.

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