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Soft skills are an individual’s personal behavior and traits. As per today’s requirement “15 soft skills you must master to excel in career”. In contrast to technical or “hard” skills soft skills are not about the facts and knowledge you

Thousands of articles are available on the web on “How to create a WordPress Blog?” but most of them are a bit difficult to understand for beginners. Here I have written this article on “How to create a WordPress Blog

A lot of content is available on the web and YouTube related to “Setup WordPress Blog in 5 easy steps”. But when I was learning to set up my blog, I had to refer many articles. However, I decided to

Are you a blogger and confused about which web hosting to go for? “Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Web Hosting” will help you to end up with the best web hosting package. It is somehow difficult for a beginner or

At some point of time in life, we all feel the lack of enthusiasm and zeal towards life. It seems like we are stuck in a rut. Have you ever analyzed why this is so? This is because you are

Time is precious for everyone but it is more for youths. Time can be saved by using “16 amazingly useful products for students and youths to make life easy and organized”. Youth is the golden time of anyone’s life. How

How to raise funds for a start-up business is the most crucial aspect for start-ups. To start a startup is not an easy decision as it requires a lot of courage and commitment on the part of the entrepreneur. To

As per the reports available 90% of start-up fails in the first year of incorporation. Mostly fresh entrepreneurs are extremely ignorant and follow no process or guidelines due to lack of experience or availability of information. All they have is

INDIA is the first country in the world to convert diesel locomotive into an electric one, as part of its efforts to completely electrify the broad gauge network. World’s first MAKE IN INDIA diesel to electric locomotive engine flagged off

Things are changing so fast in this digital world, hence choosing the right career is no that easy. What is trending today is not that effective a few days later. In some way, it is really nice that we are

How to live a happy life is always a million dollar question and we spend all our lives to find the “Secrets for a Happy and Beautiful Life”. This universe has granted us the most beautiful thing which is our

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